What is a Water Breaker Nozzle? (5 Best Options)

Summer approaches and we look out at our garden knowing there is work to be done.

First, we start cleaning up the filthy-looking yard to make room for our new plants that we just picked up at the local shop. To keep our fresh yard looking good, we always water accordingly, but one thing you might not know is how you water your plants might be killing them.

The pressure from an ordinary hose nozzle might be too much. The best way to protect your plants from being damaged by a high-pressure hose is to use a water breaker nozzle.

What is A Water Breaker?

A water breaker is used to lower the water pressure coming out of a hose nozzle. Water breaker nozzles have dozens of holes instead of 1, this lowers the water pressure making it safe to spray delicate items.

These nozzles play a major role in toning down water’s impact on your flowers when gardening. It also helps you cover a wider area when gardening without making any extra effort.

When to Use A Water Breaker?

There are quite a number of reasons to make use of a water breaker. But of all these reasons, gardening is the most vital and most prominent. When used in gardening, the water breaker makes it possible for the right volume of water to be released. This has a major effect on ensuring that plants are properly watered.

When I worked in a garden center, my main job was watering plants. We used water breaker nozzles and placed them right in the larger plant’s containers filling them up. This low pressure prevented water from damaging the plant itself, but more importantly, I was using them to prevent the soil from flying out of the containers and going everywhere.

Water breakers release water in very gentle sprays, which will not negatively affect your tender flowers. They are great in raised garden beds and all garden beds for that matter. 

You can use a water breaker nozzle to wash anything delicate! It’s great for hosing down the dog to clean them up, rinsing the patio furniture, washing the car, and so much more!

5 Best Water Breaker Nozzles

1. Dramm Original 400 Water Breaker Nozzle Dramm Original 400 Water Breaker Nozzle

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Dramm Original 400 was invented in 1941 by John G. This happened after he began producing cut flowers which were meant for his florist shop. He invented the Dramm Original 400 Water Breaker Nozzle to ensure that his flowers were well watered.

This water-breaking nozzle is manufactured in the United States and is also handcrafted. Made of heavy-duty aluminum, you can trust this water breaker nozzle to offer you absolute value for your money and also last the test of time.

Featured by Dramm original 400 water breaker nozzle is full and fast flows which result in quick watering. Although full and fast, the shower which is released by this water breaker nozzle is one that can be trusted to be gentle on your plants. Regardless of how frequently you make use of this water breaker nozzle in gardening, you can be certain that your plants will not be flattened.

2. 2 Pack- Orbit Gentle Spray Hose Shower 2 Pack - Orbit Gentle Spray Hose Shower Watering Wand Replacement Head, Plant Water 58293

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Just as its name indicates, the 2 Pack – Orbit Gentle Spray Hose Shower is a water breaker nozzle that can be trusted to provide its users with a gentle spray which is just perfect for watering flowers in a way that they will not get flattened. This water breaker nozzle features a ¾ inch female threading and is an ideal fit for all inch threaded garden spray rods that are of the generally accepted standard.

You do not need to be an expert in using water breaker nozzles to use the 2 Pack – Orbit Gentle Spray Hose Shower. The simple reason for this is it is really easy to attach, making it easy to use.

In addition to being a great device for watering your tender flowers without getting them flattened, the 2 Pack – Orbit Gentle Spray Hose Shower is very affordable. You do not need to drill a hole in your pocket to bet one.

3. Dramm Plastic Water Breaker Nozzle, Chrome Dramm 074994324268 11000 1000PL 11 GPM Plastic Water Breaker Nozzle, Chrome

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The Dramm Plastic Water Breaker Nozzle, Chrome is an ideal water breaker for both garden bed and container watering. This water breaking device was invented with nurseryman and greenhouses in mind. Due to this, it features a thousand little holes, making a full flow water shower available for flowers.

This device is not in any way complex. All that needs to be done for it to be made use of is to connect the end of the hose to the nozzle and you are free to make use of it. It is made in the United States and is made from cycolac plastic. This water breaker nozzle is very effective in watering your garden. In addition to effectively watering your garden, it has a guarantee of a lifetime.

The implication is that you will not only have good value for your money when you buy it, but you will also not need a replacement anytime soon.

4. Dramm Heavy-Duty Aluminum Water Breaker Nozzle Dramm 12343 170AL Heavy-Duty Aluminum Water Breaker Nozzle

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The Heavy-Duty Aluminum Water Breaker Nozzle was built to ensure low water pressure. It also comes with features which make it possible for the flow of water to be reduced by up to 50%. This device is handcrafted and manufactured in the United States.

This device is suitable for watering nurseries. It is, however, perfect for hanging baskets and containers. It features 170 holes which ensure gentle watering. After purchasing this device, all that needs to be done is to connect the end of your hose to its nozzle.

5. STYDDI 18-inch Soft Rain Watering Wand

STYDDI 18-inch Soft Rain Watering Wand with Shut Off Valve, Lightweight and Durable Metal Gentle Watering Wand Perfect for Hanging Baskets, Planters, Garden, Shrubs and Seedbed

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If you want a bit more control use a watering wand like the STYDDI soft rain water breaking nozzle. If you have hard to reach plants, lot of containers, or just a bad back, then I recommend a wand style option. 

The STYDDI watering wand is metal and is constructed with high-quality materials, similar to the metal Dramm models above. However, you get the hand grip and the extra length to really make watering that much easier. 

It has a 2 inch nozzle head and the wand is almost 20 inches long. I like how you can remove the water breaker nozzle on the tip if you want. You can add a regular nozzle when in need of some extra pressure. 

Final Thoughts

Apart from the water breaker nozzles that make it to the list of best five water nozzle breakers in this article, there are lots of other good quality water breaker nozzles. Nonetheless, when you purchase any of these nozzles, you can be certain of getting something of great quality. This is in addition to the fact that you can obtain value for your money.

You can also see our Best Low Pressure Hose Nozzles article, which also has low-pressure options. These will allow you to go back and forth quickly from low to high pressure, but remember that you don’t want to forget and tear apart your plants!

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