Shrub Hub vs Yardzen | What’s the Difference?

Did you know that the most viewed landscape image is a desktop image? But, your most viewed landscape can be your own yard. And, to make it eye-catching as well as comfortable, you need it to be designed appropriately. To serve this purpose there are companies that offer hassle-free E-designing services, which are pocket-friendly and value for money.

Shrub Hub and Yardzen are two great companies offering 3D landscape designing services online. Both companies offer online designing services, but their packages, pricing, services, completion time, etc vary. Both offer an online shop to buy related products too.

Imagine a sizzling outdoor setup that belongs to you. Let’s see how we can make this imagination a remarkable reality.

How are Shrub Hub and Yardzen Different?

Although both companies are offering almost the same 3D landscaping design services, some differences are highlighted in this table:

Services/Features Yardzen Shrub Hub
Location All over the United States USA and Australia.
Design Packages 6 value-for-money design packages 6 most requested are mentioned on the website
Design Type 3D designs both 2D and 3D designs
Completion Time around 3 weeks 2 weeks to a month
Pricing Expensive Economical packages available starting $397
Services Designing and Building services available. They connect you with the best local contractors. Online designing services. They provide a list of local contractors too.
Shop Both have online shops on their website for related products.

What is Shrub Hub?

Shrub Hub is an online platform that offers online yard and landscape designing services. The company comprises the finest designers, engineers, and managers in America. The company promises to assure quality design packages within a budget. Their mission is to make it convenient for homeowners to get classy designs online for their yard/outdoor space without any hassle. They offer both 2D and detailed 3D designs.

According to Shrub Hub, designing outdoor space is not only an aesthetic need but also increases property value by up to 23%.

How Does Shrub Hub Work?

Their process is pretty simple. All you have to do is to visit their website, click “get started” and create an account. Now, you will have to upload photos of the outdoor space that you want to be designed, plus other property details along with payments to proceed. You will be connected to a virtual design consultant who will also ask for detailed requirements and guide you.

There are 3 different login options available on the website which are customer login, designer login, and contractor login so, you can also register as a designer or a contractor on Shrub Hub.

What Does Shrub Hub Offer?

Shrub Hub offers:

  • Online landscaping design services (2D and 3D designs)
  • Free telephonic consultations
  • Guaranteed satisfaction along with 24/7 customer service
  • Shopping list for the project (you can also shop on their website)
  • Free e-book
  • Best licensed contractors in your area
  • Plant expert consultation
  • Contractor installation quote

What is Yardzen?

Yardzen Like Shrub Hub, Yardzen is also a landscaping design company. The company came into being when the co-founders had to flee from their home because of the Tubbs fire in Northern California. Months later, when they came back and faced issues regarding the landscaping process, they realized the need for this company. So, they are problem solvers and their mission statement reflects the same.

Yardzen has a team of passionate people who are highly skilled and experienced to tackle your problems smartly. They are using the latest technology, including satellite imagery to ensure the best 3D designs. One thing that is unique about yardzen is their sustainability mindset. Not many companies ensure this much sensitivity towards the planet. I personally loved this fact about Yardzen.

How Does Yardzen Work?

The good thing about Yardzen is that they have mentioned everything clearly and concisely on their website, so no one feels deceived. Let’s check out a step-by-step procedure of how Yardzen works:

  1. Explore design packages and purchase yours
  2. Now, it’s information-gathering time with their Yard Builder™ tool. Share your vision by answering their questions. Send them images, videos, your budget, inspirational content, etc. Anything that explains your requirements/imaginations well, must be sent.
  3. Then starts the designing part. This is where creative minds, smart minds, and artistic minds all work together to come up with something that amazes you.
  4. Once they provide you with designs, you can give them feedback and they will be revising it accordingly until satisfaction is guaranteed.
  5. Finally, when the design process is completed, it’s time to meet the contractor. Team Yardzen connects you with a contractor who fits both your budget and your dream.

Yardzen doesn’t leave your side until your dream becomes a reality. They stay connected with both the customer and the contractor throughout the installation process.

What Does Yardzen Offer?

Yardzen also offers similar services as Shrub Hub.

  • Online 3D landscaping design services
  • Free consultations
  • Guaranteed satisfaction along with 24/7 customer service
  • Shopping list for the project (you can also shop on their website)
  • Best licensed contractors in your area
  • Sustainability consultation
  • Contractor for installation

Which is the More Affordable Option?

Yardzen’s packages are starting from $649 while Shrub Hub’s pancakes are from $397 So, it seems as if Shrub Hub is more budget-friendly. But, it depends on which company provides you with more value for money.

Who Has Better Overall Reviews?

Yardzen has better overall reviews. Their rating on google is 4.6 based on 380 reviews. I have also checked on various social platforms to find what people have to say, and honestly, there are mixed reviews.

Shrub Hub’s overall rating on various platforms is around 3.5, and 2.7.

Who Offers More Package Options?

Currently, Yardzen has mentioned 6 packages with details on their website, while Shrub Hub has only mentioned the 6 most requested design types.

The Verdict | Who Should You Pick?

I am a person who lives on a budget so, if I would have to choose a landscaping design service, I will check with local companies first. If I don’t find a reliable local company, I might go for Yardzen.

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