How To Stop Weeds From Growing In Gravel?

How To Stop Weeds Growing In Gravel?

We spend a lot of money on gravel as it gives a naturally clean and neat look to our walking paths, gardens, and driveways. But what happens? We start to see annoying weeds growing and destroying the uniform and neat appearance.

The best way to stop weeds growing in gravel is to use the home recipe of iodized salt and acetic vinegar. First, you sprinkle a small amount of table salt over the weeds. Next mix 1 cup of salt and half a gallon of vinegar together in a spray bottle. Spray the weeds directly and it will kill the weeds in a few hours. This will damage soil and prevent growth in the area, so be careful where you are spraying.

Anyways, it is possible to kill the weeds with minimal effort, all it takes is a few pointers. Eliminate weeds before applying gravel, it is the best way to maintain a neat and clean look. Chemical weed killers are also effective solutions when grass sprouts through the gravel.

Why Do Weeds Grow In The Gravel?

Weeds can grow anywhere and we see them everywhere. From gravel driveways, walking paths, and gardens there are no exceptions. Even the best weed control fabric can only delay the production but cannot stop it permanently.

There are some simple causes that make the weeds grow again. Weeds usually have roots in the soil and even after you uproot all the weeds they can still grow again.

The weeds grow quickly in graveled areas that have a poor quality barrier sheet or are old and now have weak points. We can find holes throughout from wear and tear. Walking paths and gravel gardens that have light traffic or are a bit neglected are the most susceptible to weeds.

The Types Of Weeds In Gravel?

Before attempting to get rid of the weed population in your gravel driveways, it is very important to know what type of weed you are going to be battling with. You have to choose a method accordingly.

Here are Some Basic Types of Gravel Weed Plants:

1. Grassy Weeds

2. Dandelion

3. Woody Weeds

4. Broadleaf Weeds

5. Moss

5 Simple Methods To Stop Weeds Growing In The Gravel

Here are some affordable, easy to use and effective methods to stop weeds growing in Gravel driveways, walking paths and gravel gardens

1. Uprooting

Uprooting those weeds that are just about to bloom will help in reducing the growth. Before laying your gravel drive make sure you have removed all the weeds. If there are weeds they will regrow even through the thickest mulch. If the weeds are numerous then choose a weed killer or hand weed method before they spread their seeds.

2. Home Method

For this second method, you need

• iodized salt (table salt)

• 5-20% acetic acid vinegar (higher the percentage faster acting)

• Garden sprayer for applying

Sprinkle table salt over the gravel garden with your hands. Apply the salt liberally only to problem areas or to the entire walking path.

Salt works as a desiccant to dry all the moisture from plants and soil, so the more evenly you apply the salt, the greater it will work on the soil beneath the gravel. All the plants will dry up and die, and the soil won’t be able to support any plant life for several years in your gravel driveways or gardens.

Then Pour 1 gallon of undiluted 20% acetic acid vinegar into a garden sprayer. Vinegar will make the plants dry out quickly. When applied to the soil, vinegar will lower the soil pH that won’t help for plant life and its effects are lasting as long as one year.

Do the above method to kill all the weeds before laying your gravel. Apply this 3-4 week in advance, then re-spray if you find any new growth 1-3 days before the gravel is due to be laid.

It’s also important to carefully consider if you want to use salt. It will prevent any growth from occurring, even plants. Therefore this should only be used in areas where you don’t want any growth at all. If you wanted to use this area for planting in the future, you’d need new soil.

3. Thick Gravel Layer

It’s highly effective on gravel driveways to spread out the gravel more thickly in order to suppress growth. At least 3 to 5-inch layer of organic mulch can aid in preventing weeds growing in gravel.

4. Prevent Irrigation

Also, make sure that the irrigation from the lawn watering isn’t running into the gravel driveways, walking paths and gravel gardens. As we know water facilitates weed growth and you don’t want to give it any assistance.

5. Keep Clean

Keep your gravel driveways clear of debris and mud. Because mud will be quickly colonized by weeds.

4 Techniques To Remove and Stop Weeds Growing In Your Gravel Garden

The following are different techniques to remove the weeds and stop their growth:

1. Uprooting weeds by hand

2. Digging and Removing with a hoe

3. Spraying a chemical product

4. Weed preventers

Uprooting Weeds by Hand?

The best way, but a little harder, is to pull the weeds by hand. For the best results, you should remove the whole plant with its roots.

The best time to remove weeds from your gravel driveways or walking paths is when the soil is moist. The day after it has rained is a great time for it. A little wet soil is loose and makes it easier to remove the weeds from its roots on your uncovered gravel driveways, walking paths, gravel gardens.

Digging And Removing With A Hoe?

Pulling weeds by hand takes a lot of effort. An alternative is to use gardening tools to help in uprooting the stubborn weeds.

Spraying A Chemical Product?

If there are too many weeds that could be difficult to remove them all manually or with a hoe. So you can use a weed killer chemical and spray the chemical directly on each weed.

A chemical weed killer is the last option. In this regard, Glyphosate-based weed killers are best. So carefully adopt the methods and precautions

Weed Preventers? Preen 2464107 24-63798 Weed Preventer, 13 lb. Covers 2,080 sq. ft, yellow

To make your weed removing efforts long-lasting you can also use weed preventers. Some weed preventers also come with a fertilizer that is beneficial for plants, so you get both benefits.

You can use weed preventer granules, such as Preen (available on Amazon), to stop growing weed for a temporary period of time. Some bottles come with a handy dispenser that helps you to spread the granules evenly around plants, bushes, and trees.


This article has covered almost all the possible and effective solutions that help to stop growing weeds in your gravel driveways, walking paths and gravel gardens.

According to your needs, you can choose the one that is best for your situation. I hope this article will help you and leave your walking paths, driveways and gardens look more beautiful, clean and pristine.