9 Ways to Keep Neighbors from Using Your Pool

Do you have nosy or forward neighbors that swim in your pool without your permission or while you are not at home? Even if you have given your neighbors permission to swim at your house before doesn’t mean that you want them doing so all of the time.

Are you looking for ways how to keep neighbors from using your pool? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve got 9 practical and easy ways to keep your overly friendly neighbor from taking advantage of your backyard space.

There’s a lot to consider if you have a pool that neighbors and locals often use without you knowing or without your explicit consent. Let’s dive in and discuss these things before we get to some actionable solutions.

Should You Let Your Neighbors Swim in Your Pool?

Allowing your neighbors to swim in your pool can be a slippery slope. You may want to consider setting clear and strict boundaries with your neighbor, especially if you don’t know them very well.

If they ask politely to use your pool while you are home, you can let them. If you don’t want them using it at all, politely decline. You’re not being a bad neighbor because you don’t want strangers or people you hardly know spending time on your own private property!

If however, you are good friends with your neighbors and want them to enjoy your pool while you are home, this is a relatively safe idea. It is often clear from the beginning whether or not you have a kind and reliable neighbor!

It is not recommended to allow your neighbors to use your pool while you are not home. There are many reasons for this, including privacy issues, liability concerns, and the possibility of property damage occurring without reliable witnesses.

Let’s discuss more about this in detail.

Are You Liable for Injuries (or Death) in Your Pool?

Whether you are there or not, you are liable for damages and injuries in or around your pool. Because it is happening on your property you are responsible for whatever occurs, be it a simple injury or something far more severe.

When discussing with your neighbor how you would like to proceed with sharing your pool, always bring up the notion of liability. Even if you trust your neighbor, it is important to bring up safety as well as any other legal concerns that you may have.

If your neighbor is uncomfortable with the boundaries that you are setting, perhaps the situation will not work out for both of you. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Neighbors are Using Pool Without Asking, What to Do?

If you find that your neighbors are using your pool without asking your permission, there are a few steps that you can take.

You can always follow our list of options below, but no matter what, it is illegal for your neighbors to be swimming in your pool without asking. You should first ask them not to use it without your permission (or at all, should that be your preference), and if they do not listen, you will need to call local authorities.

No one likes being a spoilsport or a downer, especially with neighborly relationships and interactions. However, if something were to happen like injury or property damage, you would be most likely to blame. Being a nice neighbor isn’t worth these risks.

9 Ways to Keep Neighbors from Using Your Pool

If you have particularly troublesome neighbors that refuse to listen to you or seem to be using your pool while you are away from home, there are a few different options you can try. Let’s take a look at 9 ways to keep neighbors from using your pool.

1. Install a Pool Alarm System lifebuoy Pool Alarm System - Pool Motion Sensor with Advanced Algorithm - Smart Pool Alarm That is Application Controlled. Powerful Sirens Blare at Poolside and Indoors

Did you know that they make home security systems but for your pool? You can install an alarm or alert system in your pool with ease. Read on to learn more!

The lifebuoy Pool Alarm System (available on Amazon by clicking here) is one of many pool alarms that can alert you if you think that your neighbors are swimming in your pool without permission. This buoy-like gadget can sense when someone is swimming or otherwise disturbs the water of your pool.

Not only does this alarm blare when someone is in your pool without permission, but there’s also an additional alarm siren that you can install inside of your home. Plus, this buoy is controlled using Bluetooth technology and a mobile app so that you can turn the alarm off at your leisure.

2. Install a Tall Fence

Sometimes all you need to do is install a fence. A tall metal fence is what we recommend, and you may want to include a locking gate to further discourage any neighbor that thinks they can use your pool at all hours.

While a tall fence all the way around your pool may be outside of your budget, it is definitely something to consider. It may also prove useful if you have children or pets that are at risk of falling in!

3. Politely Ask them Not to Use Your Pool

Sometimes a simple conversation can go a long way. You may consider simply asking your neighbor politely to not use your pool. If something were to happen you can be held liable, which is why it’s always better to be safe than sorry if you don’t trust them.

You could consider bringing over a homemade meal or treat to your neighbor’s house when you break the news to them. Let them know clearly and definitively what you expect from your neighbor in terms of their usage of the pool.

You could always set up an arrangement with them that they can use your pool while you are home, or ask them to text you to ask permission when they want to swim. Or you can simply let them know your concerns regarding liability and injuries, and hopefully they will understand and stop using your pool.

4. Install a Padlock Pool Cover

There are many different pool cover designs on the market today, and some even have a locking option. You could consider a padlock pool cover, especially if your conversation with your neighbor does not go over very well.

It will depend on what type and size of pool that you have whether or not there is a cover that will fit and one that is also within your budget. However, it is definitely a subtle solution to your neighbor issue!

5. Place “No Swimming” Signs

Sometimes a sign is all it takes to deter a neighbor who is unwilling to have a conversation with you. These signs can say a number of things like “Please ask permission to swim” or even “no trespassing”. You should post them in visible areas, or even consider draping it across your pool ladder if you have one.

Sometimes people don’t see signs, despite their obvious placement and bright colors. However, if you’d like to avoid having a conversation with your neighbors about swimming in your pool, a sign could be a smart solution!

6. Install Home Security Cameras Ring Spotlight Cam Wired: Plugged-in HD security camera with built-in spotlights, two-way talk and a siren alarm, Black, Works with Alexa

Home security is more advanced than ever. You can easily purchase security cameras and install them to face your pool so that you can see what your neighbors are up to when you’re not away. Consider a camera like this one from Ring you can hook it up anywhere and control it using a mobile app!

Sometimes even just the sight of a security camera in someone’s backyard is enough to discourage illicit activity from happening. Plus, these cameras can be useful in situations other than catching your neighbors in the act of swimming in your pool without permission!

7. Install Motion Sensor Alarms

Just like you can purchase a motion sensor for your pool’s surface, you can install motion sensor alarms for your backyard or patio area too. Depending on where you place these alarms, you can stop people from entering your backyard or pool area with ease.

WiFi Alarm System Home Security System Smart Alarm 9 Pieces-Kit DIY No Monthly Fee Wireless with APP Push and Calling Alarms for Home Apartment

Consider purchasing this DIY alarm kit from SKK (available on Amazon). It will connect to your home’s Wi-Fi and is capable of sending you alerts should the alarm be triggered by anything. You can use the mobile app to check your alarms if you happen to be away from home.

If you continue to experience problems with your neighbors, even after you’ve spoken to them, you may need to contact a lawyer to see what the best plan of action is legally. If someone is continuing to use your pool without permission, it is against the law. Talk to a lawyer or call the police to make a report.

This should be a last-ditch effort and a worst case scenario solution, but sometimes people are not respectful of others. If you feel like your privacy and home are being threatened, especially after numerous interactions with your neighbors, it’s time to involve the law.

9. Lock the Gate

You can always bar your neighbors from entering your backyard, either at your back gate or at the gate around your pool. Consider installing a reliable and sturdy lock in either of these locations, or perhaps both!

D&D Technologies ML3TPKA MagnaLatch Top Pull, Pool & Child Safety Magnetic Gate Latch and Lock, for Any Square Gate

This lock from D&D Technologies (available on Amazon) isn’t just a good deterrent from kids. It will work installed on any square post gate, and is a low-maintenance solution. You can adjust it to fit your particular gate, and you can rekey the lock with ease.


Another gate lock option is this lockable latch from National Hardware which you can check out on Amazon. You can install this one on your backyard gate relatively easily, and it is built out of rust-proof and durable materials. It also comes with a key so that you can easily lock your gate at night or while you are out.

Final Thoughts

There’s a difference between being a nice neighbor and bending over backwards for the people who keep using your pool. If you want to keep neighbors from using your pool, you’re not the bad guy- a simple, polite conversation can go a long way, or you can always keep additional security measures in mind!

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