Does Artificial Grass Feel Real?

Artificial grass has been consistently evolving to fit the needs of the everyday person. Now it’s not only sports teams that have access to high-quality turf and artificial grass, but it’s now affordable to be used for a front or back yard. 

The considerate efforts of artificial grass companies make the artificial grass of today look and feel quite realistic, a great alternative to a real turf lawn.

What Does Artificial Grass Feel Like?

Quality artificial grass feels somewhat like grass! In fact, sometimes it can feel even softer than regular grass given the lack of weeds, dirt patches, ant hills, poor mowing, and burweed. It all depends on the type of artificial turf you purchase, some will feel soft while others are very unnatural in looks and feel. The higher the quality the artificial grass the more it will look and feel like real grass.

Touching artificial grass can feel like a plastic pom-pom, tough plastic spikes, or soft luscious grass. However, artificial lawns are not meant to feel identical to real grass, they are not grass, but they certainly have advantages over real grass lawns.   

Is Artificial Grass Uncomfortable to Lay On? 

Artificial Grass Field Top View Texture

Properly cared for artificial grass is not uncomfortable to lay on. The blades of many artificial grasses are evenly cut to ensure no sharp edges stick out, so no worries about grass poking you in the back. It is usually placed with an infill to make it a bit springy. 

Some grass can be a bit harder to lay on than others, just like regular patches of grass if the soil is hard and dry. If you want your artificial grass to be less solid look for a denser artificial grass. With various types of thatch and soft blades of grass, most types of artificial grass won’t be too hard. 

As with regular grass, if you want the comfiest experience laying on the grass, bring a blanket! 

Does the Quality of the Artificial Grass Change How It Feels?

The quality of artificial grass can change how it feels. There are two main factors that can change how the grass feels: the blade technology used and the infill. 

The blade technology affects how the grass springs back when stepped, especially by bare feet, and how it reflects light. The popular shapes are S-Shape, M-Shape, and W-shape, and Omega for the different types of artificial grass blade. The purpose you have for your grass will determine the particular shape that you want to use. 

The infill is also very important. The major types of infill that can be used are silica sand, crumb rubber, zeolite, and acrylic coated sand with antimicrobial protection. Again, your purpose will determine the type of infill that you use. 

Some artificial grass is better at absorbing shock than others. Some grasses are softer than others. Some artificial grass is denser than others. Much of this comes down to the blade shape and infill type .

Does Any Artificial Grass Actually Feel Like Real Grass?artificial grass astroturf selection isolated on white

Yes! A lot of different types of artificial grass can actually feel like real grass. As technology is evolving, so are the different types of artificial grass. The better the technology, the more like the real thing artificial grass becomes. 

Artificial grass is often created with a similar height and a similar density to grass that is natural. There are many different kinds of artificial grass and different options for different feels. You can adjust your taste in artificial grass to have different grasses that may feel like different types of natural grass.

 Does Artificial Grass Look Like Real Grass in Person?

You may see artificial grass in photos that is a beautiful green, but you may be wondering what it looks like in person. Artificial grass has the appearance of very well taken care of real grass when it is seen in person. It is like looking at grass that has just been watered, without any leaves or bugs or dirt piles. 

Artificial grass can look even more picture-perfect than real grass. Real grass can have yellow patches and dry patches. Artificial grass, not so much. 

You can also purchase different shades of green to match the natural grass of the lawns around you. This can be important if you want to have your grass look as natural as possible in your particular climate.

 Will Artificial Grass Get Hot to Touch in the Sun?

Yes, just as regular grass gets warm to the touch in the sun, so will artificial grass. Sometimes artificial grass will actually get warmer than regular grass due to its synthetic nature. 

Just like other synthetic products artificial grass can burn and melt. It is also flammable so keep it away from barbeques and fire pits. 

What’s the Main Differences Between Artificial Grass and Real Grass?

Of course, one of the main differences between artificial grass and real grass is that real grass is alive and artificial grass is not. 

Alive grass can die, decompose, become a food source and a habitat for bugs. Artificial grass will not die or decompose, and rarely has bugs unless otherwise brought onto the grass. 

A second main difference brought about by not being alive is that artificial grass has no need to be watered or mowed. There is no need to irrigate artificial grass and no mowing is necessary as it doesn’t grow. 

Check Out a Local Artificial Grass Company

Be sure to check out a local artificial grass company before you decide on what grass to get! By doing so you can feel the different options that they may have to offer, and you will be able to talk to an expert to determine what type of blade technology or infill you may need for your specific purpose. 

Some local artificial grass companies even allow you to create your own mix and match! Find the perfect blade shape and the perfect infill for your perfect lawn. They may even have the exact cleaning solutions, odor removers, and other items for small maintenance on the artificial grass.

Final Thoughts

Companies put a lot of effort into creating artificial grass that looks and feels like the real thing. Without all the mowing, watering, and other hassles that come with natural grass, artificial grass can be a better alternative. It can look and feel just the same with much less effort! 

For the best grass for you, check out your local stores for your local experts!

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