How to Protect Fruit Trees from Frost

How to Protect Fruit Trees from Frost

For numerous reasons, protecting your fruit trees from frost is essential to a gardener. From the commercial farmer to the hobbyist horticulturist, frost is a natural killer. Unfortunately, even fruit trees, in their mighty, cannot … Read more

How to Spread Ice Melt (5 Best Ways)

how to spread ice melt on ground. image shows ice melt on pavers

Winter weather can be unpredictable and things can get icy, especially when it comes to your walkways and driveways. While ice melt can be an effective solution to get rid of the ice, it’s important … Read more

25 Winter Backyard Ideas for All Budgets

Winter is coming, and we’ve got a few ideas to keep it alive in your backyard. Whether you want to repopulate the lovingly crafted snowman or add some color and life to the ever-frozen landscape … Read more