Can You Add Topsoil on Top of Grass? Topsoil Guide

Lawn care is very important, taking proper care of your grass will help you achieve bright green and healthy-looking grass. I know as a homeowner myself I have so many questions that relate to my lawn. I wanted to answer some questions I had myself for others that are guaranteed to have similar questions about their lawn.

But yes, you can add topsoil over the grass on your lawn. It’s one of the best techniques to use and many have tried and succeeded in achieving a beautiful and healthy lawn this way. Most gardens you visit, whether it’s a friend’s house or a public park, is likely to have undergone the process, which is usually how they achieve and maintain a lush lawn and fine-looking grass.

It certainly can be quite disappointing when your lawn that was always the best thing about your outdoors, is now turning into nothing but a dull green zone. It isn’t uncommon that your grass or your entire lawn starts to lose its natural beauty. With topsoil, however, you should be able to restore the appearance of your lawn, or most of it, at least.

Adding topsoil to an existing lawn does involve a careful process, and there are a couple of little things you should know before you go ahead with it. Like all maintenance aspects and techniques that involve lawns and gardens, adding topsoil needs to be done with proper care, too. If you are interested, check out our types of soil article to learn all you need to know about soil.

Read on to find the basics of adding topsoil, such as what you should and should not be doing before, during, and after the process, as well as how much topsoil you should be adding, and how the whole process works.

Why Add Topsoil?

Adding topsoil over a lawn is also known as topdressing. People choose to topdress their lawns for many reasons. However it’s mostly opted for when the earth becomes noticeably uneven, and certain areas look sunken. In such places, you will find water puddles or debris accumulating. There will also be patches of dead grass throughout the lawn, which don’t look very appealing.

Adding topsoil is a great way to fix these issues associated with earth and grass. A properly topdressed lawn will look as good as new, with even layers of earth spread gently across your entire lawn area. Your outdoors won’t just look good, it will also have healthy growing grass, given that you carry out the whole topdressing process in the right manner, of course.

Will Grass Grow Through Topsoil?

Yes, your existing grass will grow through quite nicely, given that the whole process of topdressing is carried out correctly.

One thing that’s often recommended is that you wait until the grass has grown fully to topdress your lawn so that the whole thing turns out successfully. Additionally, the amount of topsoil you use, the way it has been spread through the lawn, and how well each step of the whole process is carried out from start to finish are all key things to help your grass grow through beautifully.

If you do not carry out the process correctly, you may not succeed in getting your grass to grow through as it should. This could lead to a whole lot of new problems altogether, which could cost you money, time, and cause endless hassle. Thus, it is important to focus on doing a good, clean job adding the topsoil. As long as you do this from the beginning, you will have your grass growing without a problem.

Soil Compatibility?

Experts also strongly recommend that your topsoil be the same as or similar to the soil in your lawn. This will help you achieve a more effective topdressing that looks better as well. You may have to mix desired levels of peat, sand, and clay in your topsoil so it becomes more compatible with your lawn’s soil. In short, as long as you’ve prepared topsoil that has similar properties to your lawn’s soil, the chances of having a beautiful and healthy lawn certainly will be high. Therefore, the preparation of the right kind of topsoil is a major factor in the process.

Pile of fresh topsoil dirt in home driveway for lawn maintenance

How Much Topsoil Do I need to Topdress my Lawn?

As mentioned earlier, one of the crucial factors you need to focus on is how much topsoil you need for topdressing your lawn. Adding too much or too little can affect the result and the quality of your new lawn. Therefore, you must make sure that you get the measurements and the proportions right.

As a prerequisite, however, you will need to be sure that the lawn you are looking at can be fixed using a topdressing technique. It’s important to keep in mind, at this point, that topsoil is ideally added in generous amounts so the whole process works beautifully to improve an existing lawn. Thus, if your lawn is in a state where you doubt the topdressing would be sufficient or ideal, you might need to look for more practical solutions instead.

As far as the ideal amount of topsoil is concerned, it is generally recommended to use about 4/10 cubic yards of topsoil for every 1000 square feet of yard. Also, the layer of topsoil should be about 1/8 to  ¼ inch thick. Anything less, or anything more is likely to hinder the level of success and the overall outcome you get. Also, keep in mind that the soil needs to be spread evenly through the lawn for the best results.

How Do I Topdress My Lawn?

When your lawn’s grass is actively grown, and you’ve checked and prepared your soil to make sure it’s just the right type for your existing lawn, you can then go ahead and start spreading the prepared soil.

The process may take a little time since you need to give it some care as you go on dressing your entire lawn. If you do it with care and accuracy in one go, however, you won’t have to go through unnecessary hassle afterward.

The common method for topdressing is using a drop spreader to spread the soil evenly and accurately through the lawn. This is quite effective in achieving even layers of soil.

Another simple way is to use a shovel or a bucket to spread the soil across the lawn.

When it comes to depressions in the soil, however, you could add just enough topsoil to the depression. Then, make sure it’s left slightly molded so the soil will settle.

Should I add Seed into Top Soil?

Adding grass seed will help improve healthy growth. However, before you do, make sure that the topsoil has worked its way into the lawn’s soil. You could use a rake to do this, so the new soil gets gently blended with the lawn’s soil. Once this is done, you can sprinkle grass seed over the topdressing. Always make it a point to read the instructions on the package of grass seed, so you will know exactly how much to put. Some grass seeds come with added properties, therefore, make sure you follow any special instructions mentioned on the packet.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, the simple answer to the question, “can you add topsoil on top of grass?” is yes you can add topsoil to your lawn. In fact, in some cases, you should. However, just make sure you are aware of all the key things and take them into consideration before you decide to go ahead with this technique. It’s important that you do, and do it right, so your lawn turns out the way you want it to.

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