10 Best Waterproof Outdoor Furniture Covers for Rain in 2024

Protecting your outdoor furniture helps increase its lifespan and reduce the maintenance you need to do. There are several ways to protect your furniture from the weather, like using the right finish on wooden furniture, for example. But the best thing you can do is put a furniture cover on it so it is fully protected from the rain.

There are some excellent covers available but choosing one can be harder than you think. You should consider a number of factors before picking your cover, so you can ensure that you have the best possible protection for your furniture. This guide will explain what those factors are and give you some examples of the best waterproof outdoor furniture covers on the market right now. 

What to Consider When Buying an Outdoor Furniture Cover?

Type of Material

The strength and water resistance of the material is the most important thing to consider. After all, if the cover can’t hold out heavy rain, your furniture will still get damaged. To determine the quality of the material, you need to look at the ‘D’ rating. This ‘D’ stands for denier, which is a measure of the density of a piece of fabric.

More specifically, the denier rating refers to the length and thickness of the single strands of yarn or fiber in a piece of fabric. The rating is calculated from the weight of a single 9000 meter thread, in grams. A single strand of silk, for example, is 1 denier because a 9000 meter strand will only weigh a single gram. 

A higher denier rating usually means a thicker, more durable fabric. That said, thread count has a role to play too. In some cases, a high thread count can make up for a slightly lower denier.

When you are looking at furniture covers, most of them will be made from materials like polyester or nylon, which have a much higher denier rating. 600D nylon is very common and this is a tough, water-resistant material. It’s often what high-quality camping backpacks are made from too. 

There are polyester covers available but, on the face of it, nylon seems like the better choice because it is more durable. In strength tests, nylon can withstand much more before tearing. However, it’s not so clear cut because, when it gets wet, nylon tears far more easily. So, for a furniture cover designed to protect against the rain, it’s not necessarily much better than polyester. Polyester is also slightly more water-resistant than nylon, so it may be better.

But again, there is a caveat here because it also depends on other factors, like the coating. The bottom line is, polyester and nylon can both be good options, the key thing to look for to start with is the denier rating.

A 600D nylon furniture cover should be able to withstand a water column pressure of 1000-2000mm. This means that if a column of water was put on top of the material and left to sit, it would need 1000-2000mm of water before it started leaking through. So, you should always look for a furniture cover with a rating of at least 600D.

However, it’s not just the denier you need to look for, you also need to consider the surface coating. A 600D nylon cover with a water-resistant silicone or PVC coating, for example, could hold up to 10,000mm of water column pressure before the material starts leaking. This is because the coating fills the tiny holes between the woven fabric and creates a more solid barrier against the rain.

Cover Size

Next, consider the size of the furniture cover. Obviously, you need something big enough to fit over the furniture, so measure up before you start shopping. The good news is, a lot of patio furniture is standard sized, so you will usually find lots of covers that are perfectly sized. You can also check with the manufacturer too as they may have specially made covers too.

If you can’t find the exact size, you need to get as close as possible. One-size fits all covers are not great because you have a lot of excess material that blows around in the wind. These gaps can let water in, so your furniture is not protected properly.

Does it Have Air Vents?

Air vents are crucial because they allow for breathability. If your furniture is under a tight cover with no air flow, it gets very humid, creating the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow. Covers with good-quality vents will let air out without letting rain in, so humidity stays down. Although these will be a bit more expensive, it’s absolutely worth paying the extra for.

Does it Have Buckle Straps?

If your covers blow off in the middle of a storm, your furniture gets soaked. High winds can easily take a cover off if it isn’t secured, so always go for covers with buckle straps. You can tie the covers on tightly so there is no room for movement. This ensures full protection by reducing gaps, and also stops the covers from flying off in the wind.

Does it Have Hem Cords?

Finally, it’s good to find covers with hem cords around the bottom. If covers are loose around the bottom water can splash up and under, soaking the furniture. If the legs of wooden furniture sit in water for an extended period of time, they will soon start rotting. Hem cords allow you to pull the cover tight around the bottom of the furniture so this doesn’t happen. Finding covers with these extra features will help you protect your furniture for much longer. 

10 Best Waterproof Outdoor Furniture Covers for Rain

1. Duck Covers Sotario Collection Patio Furniture Covers Duck Covers Soteria Waterproof 54 Inch Patio Loveseat Cover, Patio Bench Cover

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If you are looking for a cover set to protect a full patio furniture set, this Duck Covers Sotario collection is ideal. They offer an excellent range of sizes for all different types of furniture including sofas, chairs, benches, square and circular fire pits, and BBQs. The covers are made from PVC coated polyester, so they can withstand heavy rain and storms easily. All of the seams are double stitched and taped too, so there is no leaking.

The covers come with convenient handles and simple straps and clips so you can secure them quickly. The vents will increase ventilation too. However, the thing that really sets these covers apart is the inflatable feature. Using a small pump, you can inflate the top of the covers with a small airbag after you put them on. This creates a curved surface so the rain rolls right off and doesn’t pool on the covers and damage the waterproof coating.

These covers are perfect if you have just bought a new set of patio furniture and you need matching covers for all of them. There are a lot of colors available too and the gray is particularly good because it still looks good if it fades in the sun. 

2. Vailge Patio Furniture Covers Vailge 2-Seater Heavy Duty Patio Bench Loveseat Cover, 100% Waterproof Outdoor Sofa Cover, Lawn Patio Furniture Covers with Air Vent, Small(Standard), Beige & Brown

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Vailge also do an extensive range of patio furniture covers. They cater for all kinds of patio furniture, with multiple different sizes for each, so you can easily find the perfect covers for sofas, chairs, ottomans, tables, BBQs, umbrellas, and fire pits. They also sell tall covers to go over stackable chairs, which is a great space saver.

They are made using a 600D Oxford nylon fabric with a tough waterproof PVC layer. Not only does this improve the waterproofing, but it also has UV stabilizers in it, so these covers won’t fade in the sun as quickly as others.

3. Duck Covers Ultimate Collection Patio Furniture Covers Duck Covers Ultimate Waterproof Patio Loveseat Cover, 79 Inch

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Duck Covers have other collections alongside their Sotario covers, like the Ultimate Collection. These are still a very durable option with slightly different features. They still have the same double stitched seams and tie down straps to keep the covers secure. However, the material is slightly different on the sides of the ultimate collection.

They are made with a breathable polyester blend, so they don’t need vents to keep humidity down. They also have an elastic hem cord with a lock to make sure that the cover is as secure as possible.  

You can still use the inflatable Duck Dome system to let the water run off (these are sold separately). If you want covers that can stand up to any weather conditions, even in the most extreme climates, these are great. The only potential downside is that the mocha color fades in the sun more noticeably than the gray Sotario covers. However, the PVC coating on the cover does have UV stabilizers in to prevent this.

4. Turtle Life Covers Turtle Life Patio Sofa Cover, Outdoor Heavy Duty Durable UV Water Resistant Anti-Fading Loveseat Cover with 2 Upgrade Air Vent and 2 Buckle, Black, 84" W x 37" D x 35" H

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Turtle Life Covers do a range of simple black covers for grills, tables, sofas, and chairs. The PVC-covered polyester gives you excellent water-resistance and it’s very tough so it won’t rip easily, even during a big storm. The vent holes are simple and effective, but it’s the fixing system that makes these covers better than other similar ones on the market.

The drawstring around the bottom makes it so quick and easy to fit and tighten the cover. It also has velcro straps to fit around the legs so you have almost no movement and you don’t get lots of water underneath the cover.

These covers also fold down nicely and they come with a great storage bag, so you can easily tidy them away when you are not using them. The black color is very resistant to fading too.

5. ULTCOVER Patio Heavy Duty Table Cover ULTCOVER Rectangular Patio Heavy Duty Table Cover - 600D Tough Canvas Waterproof Outdoor Dining Table and Chairs General Purpose Furniture Cover Size 88L x 62W x 28H inch

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This ULTCOVER Heavy Duty Table Cover is great for oddly sized table and chair sets because it’s adjustable. It is available in a range of sizes and the adjustable fixing straps make it easy to change the height, so you can easily fit the chairs and the table under a single cover. The 600D polyester has a durable waterproof and UV-resistant backing to protect your table. The plastic clips and drawstrings keep the cover secure.

Their full range of covers has sizes and shapes for all kinds of tables including round tables, coffee tables, and fire pits. They also do covers for all types of chairs, and even firewood racks. If you want a good mid-range cover that gives you excellent protection for a reasonable price, ULTCOVER is a good brand to go for.  

6. Kylin Lucky Covers KylinLucky Patio Chair Covers Outdoor Furniture Covers Waterproof Fits up to 33W x 34D x 31H inches 2pack

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The Kylin Lucky cover set for patio furniture is made from weather-resistant 600D Oxford fabric with a waterproof backing on it. The covers are designed to be snow, wind, sun, and dust resistant as well as rain resistant. The nice padded handles make it easy to slip the covers over quickly, and the gusseted air vents ensure that there is good airflow without letting water in. They also have simple toggle straps on the bottom to secure them. 

These covers have all of the basic features that you need, but compared with some more expensive options, they are not quite as durable. The seams are not as strong so in incredibly windy conditions, they can rip. If you live in a relatively mild climate, they will hold up well, but if you get a lot of high winds, it may be worth investing in a more expensive cover with double stitched and taped seams.

7. ESSORT Patio Furniture Covers ESSORT Patio Furniture Covers, Extra Large Outdoor Furniture Set Covers 124"x63"x29" Waterproof, Rain Snow Dust Wind-Proof, Anti-UV, Fits for 10-12 Seats

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Using individual furniture covers is a good option if you have standard sizes, but sometimes, you may not be able to find the right size for custom furniture. You may also want a single large cover that goes over everything. ESSORT Patio Furniture Covers are large multipurpose covers that fit over most normal patio sets. The material itself is a durable 600D polyester and it has double taped seams, so it will hold out water well.

However, you have to be careful when using it because it is not fitted exactly to the furniture. Often, it will dip in the middle, allowing water to collect and soak through. You can stop this by putting something underneath, like a chair, to elevate it and let the water run to the outside.

If possible, it’s better to go for individual fitted covers. However, this is a good quality cover to use if you are struggling to find the right fit.

8. Porch Shield Patio Table Cover Porch Shield Patio Table Cover - Waterproof Outdoor Dining Table and Chairs Furniture Set Cover Rectangular - 84 x 56 inch, Black

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This Porch Shield Patio Table Cover is another excellent quality protective cover for your table and chair set. The basic cover with useful handles and clips is easy to fit and works with most standard patio table and chair sets. It is available in 3 different colors; black, light tan and khaki, and beige. The UV resistant coating on the 600D polyester is excellent at preventing fading, so no matter what color you go for, they’ll look fine for 2-3 years at least.

This is designed for a basic table and chair set but you can use it for other items if you push them together and use the adjustable straps to fix it. Just make sure that you measure up furniture carefully before buying because this doesn’t have the adjustable height straps that you get with the ULTCOVER table cover.

9. F&J Outdoors Outdoor Furniture Covers F&J Outdoors Waterproof Outdoor Patio Table Cover Rectangle Small 48.5x48.5x27.5 inch Eco-Friendly Fabric UV Resistant 5 Piece Furniture Cover

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The F&J Outdoors Outdoor Furniture Cover range is coated with polyurethane rather than the PVC that you usually find. Not only does this give you added tensile strength and better waterproofing, but it also reduces cracking. A lot of the PVC coverings on polyester covers can crack quite easily, and this looks unsightly. These polyurethane coverings are less likely to crack, so they stay looking good for longer.

They do a full range of covers for all kinds of patio furniture, all made from 600D fabric with a high thread count. They offer excellent protection and they will stand the test of time. They’re even machine washable too, so maintenance is simple.

10. WJ-X3 Patio Furniture Covers Patio Furniture Covers, Waterproof UV Resistant for Medium Rectangular Outdoor Table Chairs Dining Set, 112x74x32inch, Striped

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Most patio furniture covers are basic block colors but if you want something with a bit more design to it, these WJ-X3 Patio Furniture Covers are great. The striped design adds a bit more style to your yard when the furniture is covered. But they’re also incredibly durable and great for keeping your furniture in good condition.

The thick fabric has a coating that is water and UV-resistant, and also prevents mold and mildew. Their set is smaller than most on this list but they still offer great covers for chairs, sofas, round tables, and rectangular tables. If you don’t like the striped design, they do have some plain cream options too.

Final Thoughts

Even with a durable clearcoat finish, your patio furniture will still eventually get damaged by the rain. Unless you want it to rot and get taken over by mildew over the winter, you should invest in some furniture covers. All of the ones on this list are great options and many patio covers are very similar.

As long as you find one with at least 600D polyester or nylon, and a good protective coating, it will work great. Don’t forget to look for other small features like straps to fix the covers in place and hem cords around the bottom as these help to get the right fit improve the protection.

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