5 Best Teak Sealers for Outdoor Furniture

Do you own teak furniture for your outdoor patio or balcony setting? You may be searching for some of the best teak sealers for outdoor furniture, given how quickly some outdoor decor can break down.

Protecting your furniture from the elements is one of the smartest things you can do, especially if you own teak furniture! While teak is a great choice for using outdoors, you may wish to extend the lifespan of your furniture accordingly.

But does teak even need to be sealed? And how else can you take care of teak, both before and after sealing it? Here’s my guide to taking care of your teak furniture!

Does Teak Need to Be Sealed for Outdoor Use?

You may be wondering if your teak furniture needs to be sealed in order to keep it outdoors. The answer depends on your personal preference, but yes, it is highly recommended to seal your teak furniture in order to prevent extensive water and mildew damage. Let me tell you why.

Teak is naturally dry rot-resistant, and produces its own special oil that prevents rotting. This oil protects the surface of the wood from most bug damage; it is resistant and repellent to pests as well. However, termites can still affect your teak furniture!

Teak still needs to be protected from an abundance of rain and moisture, so it is recommended that you bring your teak furniture indoors in the winter, especially if you haven’t sealed it. You can also choose to cover it if you have to leave it outdoors. However, what else could possibly be the main cause of damage to teak furniture? The sun and UV rays. But even the sun damages teak furniture in its own special way!

Teak is special in that it can age gracefully, meaning it turns a brilliant gray-silver overtime. This is due to the sun, and various oxidation processes that happen within the wood. 

However, there is a difference between the teak’s beautiful gray sheen and mildew- the darker your teak gets, the more likely it is that it has experienced some severe mold and mildew damage. Keep an eye out for mildew versus your desired gray patina; you will no doubt notice the difference after some time.

Some owners of teak furnishings truly love the graying and aged look that teak gathers overtime. This patina can potentially be disrupted if you choose to use a teak sealer. However, some teak sealers enhance the gray, and you can choose what shade suits your design aesthetics best.

Let’s go over why using teak sealer may matter to you, including the various advantages in using teak sealing products.

What Are the Advantages to Using a Teak Sealer?

If you are considering using a teak sealer on your outdoor teak furniture, you may be curious what the advantages are. Thankfully, there are many perks to using teak sealer, including:

  • Teak sealer can seal the existing oils and resins naturally found in teak. This can be beneficial and important, considering the fact that teak already produces its own natural oil. Sealing your teak furniture ensures that these oils continue protecting the wood.
  • Teak sealer prevents a graying patina. If you aren’t interested in your furniture showing its age, you may want to invest in a sealer. Using a teak sealer will protect your wood’s natural honey tones rather than allow it to age.
  • Teak sealer protects your furniture from water, mildew, UV rays, and stains. Should you desire to leave your teak furniture outdoors all year round, I highly recommend using a teak sealer. These sealants are designed to prevent water from damaging the wood, as well as creating a stain and UV resistant surface.
  • Teak sealer makes your furniture easier to clean. Should you be on the fence about teak sealant, you may change your mind after learning that it can make your furniture easier to clean. Teak is a fairly low maintenance wood, and adding a protective coating to it makes the occasional wipe down that much easier.

Have I convinced you that teak sealer is an important part of owning teak furniture, especially if you wish to prevent its natural graying patina? You may be searching for a well-regarded teak sealer as we speak, but which one is best?

Here are my top teak sealer picks, so that you don’t have to go searching.

5 Best Teak Sealers for Outdoor Furniture

Choosing a teak sealer is easy with this helpful list of products. Check out what these products have to offer, and how they can benefit your outdoor furniture today!

1. Star brite Teak Sealer

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Engineered for teak decks on sailboats and yachts that spend years in harsh saltwater environments, Star brite teak sealer is the easy way to protect your investment. If you live along the coast or in any other wet environment, this could be the best sealer for your outdoor furniture!

Their gel-sealing formula is perfect for vertical applications where you don’t want spills, drips, or splattering. This makes applying this sealant easy if you wish to seal the backs of chairs or table legs.

A single coat will seal your wood from moisture and rot for up to a year, leaving you with maintenance-free, beautiful looking teak!

2. SEAL-ONCE Exotic Premium Wood Sealer

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EXOTIC Seal-Once is a penetrating wood sealer, specifically formulated for tropical wood species like teak. Unlike most top-coat wood sealers on the market today, EXOTIC penetrates deep below the surface, to form a long-lasting water-resistant shield around the wood fibers at a cellular level. 

It is non-yellowing, does not peel, and will not alter the natural beauty of your exotic hardwood outdoor furniture. This product also has UV blockers to help prevent the natural color of the wood from fading. 

EXOTIC can also be used as a wood stain and is available in 11 color tints that can be added to the clear formula to enhance the natural grain of wood. The tinted wood stains provide additional UV protection, making it perfect for your outdoor furniture!

3. TeakStation Semco Teak Sealer

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This Semco Teak Sealer Treatment is renowned for its outstanding durability and long-lasting performance. It comes in a gallon sized container so that you won’t run out right away. It also comes in a Natural Color, which is most popular for teak furniture. It is reportedly a rich color that looks like new teak!

This sealer is water-based, and produces an environmentally friendly teak finish, while containing natural pigments, UV inhibitors, and moisture protection. It repels water without being slippery and relieves the drudgery of constant teak maintenance.

Coverage from a single gallon of this product is approximately 200 square feet for the 1st coat or 400 square feet for the 2nd coat, depending on what stage you are in for your outdoor furniture. While applying two coats may seem like a chore, it is well worth it for the sheen this product can provide.

4. Thompson’s WaterSeal

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If you’re looking for a clear coat to protect your brand new teak finish, check out Thompson’s WaterSeal. This product does not have a tint or any color to it, making it perfect for preserving your outdoor teak furniture from day one.

Easy to apply with a paintbrush, Thompson’s WaterSeal goes on easy and dries clear. You’ll know it’s working if you put water on your teak furniture and notice water droplets forming! This makes water run off of your teak furniture’s surface so that it doesn’t ever soak into the wood.

While it may need reapplying every six to twelve months depending on where you live, this water resistant sealant is perfect for many teak applications. It also forms a smooth and luxurious texture on top of your wood so that you never have to worry about splinters. 

5. Better Boat Teak Sealer

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This waterproof wood sealant from Better Boat penetrates and protects teak and other woods, offering long-lasting wood weatherproofing protection. This teak sealant prevents wood from weathering and fading, making it an ideal treatment to protect teak wood outdoor furniture.

This indoor and outdoor wood preservative is easy and fast to use. Simply brush on this wood sealer and it creates a protective barrier against the sun and rain that causes teak to fade and turn a greyish black over time. 

While you may not own a boat with teak on it, this boat sealer is perfect for any type of teak product. It is made by professionals in the boating industry so that you have a trustworthy name backing this product. No one knows water and elemental damage better than people who own boats!

How to Apply Teak Sealer in 4 Steps

So you’ve decided to use a teak sealer on your outdoor furniture. Wonderful! Here’s my step by step guide to applying your teak sealer:

1. Sand Down and Clean your Teak Furniture

This is especially important if you have an older existing sealant present on the wood already. Try to get your furniture to a more neutral place. Don’t scrub too hard, as you could damage the wood grain. If you have mildew present on your teak furniture, use a simple soap and water solution to remove it.

2. Let Your Wood Sit in the Sun for About a Month (Optional)

This may seem counterintuitive if you are applying a sealer designed to prevent UV damage, but teak wood is unique. You want the wood grain to breathe and open up to the sunshine; this will allow the sealant to sink in properly.

3. Apply Your Sealant with a Cloth or Paintbrush

Choose a soft cloth and rub the sealant in evenly. This can take some time, but it is important to not miss any spots.

4. Apply a Second Coat if Necessary

Check what your product recommends, as one coat may be enough to seal it completely for a year or two to come!

Sealing Teak FAQs

Still, have questions about taking care of your teak outdoor furniture? Read on for some more answers!

Can I Use Teak Oil on Sealed Teak?

The short answer is no. If you have just sealed your teak, using teak oil on top of your sealant won’t change your teak whatsoever. Your sealant is designed to repel most things, including the addition of teak oil.

However, I recommend using teak oil (if your teak is looking dry after sanding) right before you apply your sealant!

Does Teak Sealer Change the Color of Teak Wood?

Yes, some teak sealer can change the color of your teak wood. This is important to consider should you be looking to change the overall appearance of your teak patina. 

However, some teak sealers are clear and meant to preserve whatever patina you have on your outdoor furniture currently. Keep an eye out for teak sealers that have a pigment or stain in them. Always test your pigment in a small section before applying to the entire wood piece!

Can I Use Marine Grade Wood Sealer on Teak Furniture?

You absolutely can! Many of my recommended products are used in marine settings, as water and sea salt are some of the leading causes of damage to outdoor furniture. 

What’s the Difference Between Teak Sealer and Oil?

There is an important difference between teak sealer and teak oil. Teak oil is a naturally occurring substance found in your teak wood, and it can also be purchased separately if your teak is in need of more oil.

Teak sealer does not contain any teak oil and is designed to capture the existing oils found in your teak wood as well as protect your outdoor furniture. While teak oil can bring out even more shine and luster to your teak furniture, it will not protect it the way a teak sealer can.

Final Thoughts

Taking care of your teak furniture is even easier with the addition of a sealer. The hardest part? Choosing what patina you want your teak furniture to have! Enjoy this beautiful and exotic hardwood in an outdoor setting for years to come.

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