10 Best Slip and Slides for Backyard Fun in 2024

Not everyone has access to a pool or can set up a pool in their backyard. Some have to go to public pools to relax or to escape the summer heat. But, most of the time, these public pools are crowded and not that hygienic. This is where slip and slides come to the rescue.

Slip and slides are a classic way for a whole family to enjoy cooling down in their own backyard. With recent innovations, slip and slides are now more than just a tarp, detergent, and water. The latest designs of slip and slides allow for countless hours of fun. These slip and slides are a great way of sparking your children and family’s interest and keeping them physically active.

Slip and slides are one of the most affordable ways to have a great time with friends and family and stay cool in your backward during the warmer months. There are a lot of slip and slide designs to choose from that are sure to keep your family well entertained and never bored. Another good thing about slip and slides is that it allows even those who can’t swim to play in it.

Considerations When Buying a Slip and Slide

Traditional slip and slides are quite simple in design. But the ones we’re discussing here are slip and slides that come with other fun and creative designs. So, it is essential to look at some features when buying a slip and slide to ensure you get the best experience that is suited to your family.


The quality of the slide is, of course, one of the main things you should consider. Make sure the slide is made with heavy-duty PVC, one that is top-notch in the industry standard. I’m sure you’d want it to last longer.

Length & Width

For the most fun, choose a slip and slide that’s around 15 to 30 feet (or more) long and around 6 feet wide so that you’ll have plenty of space. It is also important to make sure the slide is wide enough for a great sliding experience.

Does it Have Hose Adapters?

Hose adapters make the set up easier and more convenient for you. It also means you won’t have to stand around spraying down the slide with water the whole time.


Most slip and slides come with stakes to keep them safely secured on the ground, preventing any untoward incident that may possibly cause serious bodily harm to you and your kids.

Additional Features & Accessories

Water features Splash pools Boogie boards
Sprinklers and waterfalls make the sliding experience much better while keeping the slide wet and smooth enough to easily glide on. Splash pools range in depth and size depending on the design of the slip and slide. Splash pools are an excellent plus feature that’s growing more popular in the slip and slide design. Most slip and slides come with boogie boards for a smoother sliding experience. Boogie boards also help bigger kids or older people slide smoothly through the slip and slide. Using a boogie board also makes the sliding much faster.

10 Best Slip and Slides for Backyard Fun

Choosing can be tedious and long for the average shopper. So, below we’ve rounded up ten of the best slip and slides you’ll find to make choosing easier for you and your family. These slip and slides designs provide great entertainment and heaps of fun for the whole family to enjoy.

1. Wow World of Watersports Super Slide WOW World of Watersports Super Waterslide 25 x 6 Feet Giant Backyard Waterslide with Sprinkler, 20-2212

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This Wow World of Watersports Super slide is simple in design and is easy to set up and use. It features built-in sprinkles that spray water down the slide in a zigzag pattern for a fun sliding experience. You also won’t need to add detergent to this slide because it is made of an extra slick and thick, heavy-duty PVC. It also ensures that you won’t feel the hard ground or the debris under it. This slide connects easily with other Wow slides and any slip and slides, allowing you to customize it into however long you want the slide to be. This slip and slide has 8-inch high sides and is 25 feet long and 6 feet wide.

Pros Cons
  • Thick and durable build
  • No detergent needed
  • No dry spots
  • 2 Mega sleds included for increased speed and greater enjoyment
  • Customized connection system (You can connect up to 100 feet of slides)
  • Has weak rafts

2. Triple Lane Slip, Splash and Slide JAMBO Triple Lane Slip, Splash and Slide (Newest Model) Slip and Slide for Backyards with 3 Boogie Boards | Water Slide Waterslide | 16' Foot 3 Racing Lanes with Sprinklers | Backyard Water Toys Slide

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This Jambo slip and slide is one of the best and, not to mention, cheap slides you can get. This slide features three wide lanes for plenty of kids to enjoy and not have to wait in line for. It is measured at 16 feet long and 6.8 feet wide. It also comes with three free boogie boards that provide a much more fun sliding experience. The slide is designed with thick, industrial-grade PVC that is more durable than the average water slide you’ll find on the market. The high-quality materials of the slip and slide are sure to last for years. This slip and slide also features perfect water pressure and sprinkler effects that ensure smooth and fun sliding. The Jambo triple lane slip and slide is sure to keep your family entertained and happy for hours upon hours of playtime.

Pros Cons
  • Three lanes
  • Durable PVC
  • Includes three boogie boards
  • Water features on both sides of the slides
  • not the best option for adults, best made for children

3. Wham-O Slip N Slide Wave Rider Double With 2 Slide Boogies Wham-O Slip N Slide Wave Rider Double with 2 Slide Boogies

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The Wham-O slip and slide are quite simple in design and, more so, are made for smaller children. This slip and slide is perfect for little children who haven’t experienced using a slip and slide yet. The slide is 16 feet long and has two sliding lanes. The purchase also comes with two inflatable boogie boards. Once connected, it also has a waterfall feature that will spray as you go along the slide. It is recommended to use detergent to make the slide smoother.

Pros Cons
  • 16 ft. long slide
  • Features 2 sliding lanes
  • 2 Boogie boards included
  • Waterfall features
  • The build may not be as durable as other options.
  • Needs detergent for extra smooth sliding

4. BACKYARD BLAST – 30′ Waterslide With Round Pool 

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The Backyard Blast waterslide is a giant-sized slide that’s easy to set up. You won’t need to set the slide up on a hill or sloped area as it is infused with an agent that makes it super slippery. Keep in mind, however, to set the slide up on soft grass. Also, remember to avoid hard areas with gravel. This slip and slide has a heavy-duty tarp that will last you a long time. The slide comes with a round splash pool at the end. And some stakes to keep it secure on the ground. This long slip and slide will definitely prove to be a fun and worthwhile investment for any family.

Pros Cons
  • Durability of materials
  • Stakes and stake bag
  • 30 ft. long slide
  • Smooth sliding
  • Stakes may come out if not placed on solid ground

5. Wow World of Watersports Giant Backyard Waterslide WOW World of Watersports Mega Slide 25 Feet x 6 Feet Giant Backyard Waterslide with Hand Pump and 2 Inflatable Sleds, 18-2200

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The giant Wow World waterslide is 6 ft. wide and 25 ft. long, and its pontoon wall-sides are high enough to hold the water in. You can also make it even longer as multiple slides can be attached through a customized connection system. This slide is made of thick, heavy-duty PVC. And there won’t be any need to add detergent, as it is super slick. This backyard waterslide comes with a built-in water sprinkler that sprays in a zigzag pattern. And also comes with two mega sleds that soften your landing impact and adds more slippery action on the ride down the massive length of the slide. The slide is easy to connect with a standard hose connection, and it has stakes with straps that prevent the slide from being easily moved as the sliders ride.

Pros Cons
  • Very durable and extra thick
  • Two 36 x 24-inch sleds
  • Hills aren’t required for sliding
  • Has a hassle-free 1-year warranty
  • Good customer support
  • Multiple slides may separate if not connected properly.

6. BACKYARD BLAST – 50′ X 10′ Heavy Duty Waterslide 

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This mega BACKYARD BLAST waterslide can come in two sizes: 50 feet long and 10 feet wide, or 75 feet long and 12 feet wide, which is certainly long enough, even without added extras. You can fit in two sliders to race down at the same time! The jumbo-sized slide is, as its name implies, very heavy duty. And its extra-durable tarp material promises the slide will not tear or rip. Good for all the active teens and young adults looking for fun, alongside the kiddies, in big family gatherings and other events. The waterslide has U shaped stakes with its own carrying bag and has reinforced connections for the anchor stakes on the slide. The waterslide also includes a sprinkler that can be easily attached to the garden hose, two inflatable boards for the riders, a repair tape stripe, and a mesh storage bag for easy transport.

Pros Cons
  • Heavy duty and extra-thick design
  • Includes a mesh carrying bag with all the things you need
  • Includes two boogie boards
  • Stakes may come out too easily

7. Squirrel Products Backyard Blast Big Waterslide Squirrel Products Backyard Blast Big Waterslide 30' x 6' - Easy to Setup - Extra Thick to Prevent Rips & Tears

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This 30 feet long Squirrel Products slip and slide is a great fun addition for all summer long backyard gatherings. This Squirrel slip and slide is designed with durable and heavy-duty materials. It also comes with anchor stakes to keep it safely secure on your ground. The slide is infused with a slippery agent for a super smooth sliding experience. You also get a mesh bag for carrying the slip and slide anywhere with the package.

Pros Cons
  • PE 7mil build
  • 30 ft. long and 6 ft. wide
  • Does not need to be set up on a sloped hill
  • Comes with mesh carrying bag
  • Includes stakes and repair tape
  • The design may be too thin for some.

8. Intex Surf ’N Slide Inflatable Play Center Intex 57159EP Surf 'N Slide 15 Foot Long Inflatable Kids Backyard Splash Play Center Shark Water Slide

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This Intex Inflatable Surf and Slide is one of the top choices for an inflatable slide. This slide comes with all the necessary fun features you’ll need. This slide is designed for younger kids and even teenagers. It can accommodate up to 176 pounds of body weight. The slide features a unique foot design that adds to the fun. It also comes with an extra padded landing mat for extra cushion. The only issue with the slide is that it may not be as smooth to slide down without a surf rider (which is included with the purchase). But, the Intex Surf ‘N Slide is a great investment overall and won’t leave you wanting any more.

Pros Cons
  • Well built slide
  • Made from 16-gauge vinyl
  • Comes with two surf riders with heavy-duty handles for increased comfort
  • Features a large splash pool at the end
  • Comes with a repair patch for fixing punctures
  • 15 ft. long
  • Needs a surf rider to slide smoothly down the slide

9. BANZAI 14ft x 14ft Homerun Splash Baseball Slide BANZAI Home Run Splash Baseball Slide, Length: 14 ft, Width: 14 ft, Inflatable Outdoor Backyard Water Slide Splash Toy, Baseball Bat & Ball Included, Slide

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This Banzai slip and slide adds another fun activity into the mix. It comes with a plastic baseball bat and a ball that floats on a water platform. The slide features a uniquely fun square shape, so when you hit a home run, you slide around into first base. It also has sprinkling water features that keep the slide smooth and slippery. The slide is 14 feet long for each side. This baseball slip and slide is a great way to beat the heat.

Pros Cons
  • Durability
  • Solid build
  • Baseball fun
  • Plenty of sliding size
  • The slide may be too steep for some.

10. TEAM MAGNUS Slip and Slide XL TEAM MAGNUS 31ft XL Slip and Slide - Heavy Duty Inflatable Slide with Central Sprinkler and XL Crash Pad

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This Magnus slip and slide features two lanes, which means you can race down it with your family. It is easy to set up and connect because of its enclosed hose adapters. It also works even without a water hose. Just fill up a bucketful of soapy water, and you are good to go. The length of the slide comes with a central channel with built-in sprinkler systems that continuously sprays water. It features an inflatable cushion crash pad, which can be inflated with any type of pump. You can even inflate it yourself by blowing into it. The Magnus slip and slide is designed with a heavy-duty 0.22mm PVC, which is 38% thicker than the industry standard. It also comes with 6.5 ft. of waterproof duct tape for repairs, ensuring your slip and slide will last for a while.

Pros Cons
  • Comes with a sturdy pegging system
  • 31 ft. long and 5 ft. wide
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Very durable build
  • May need liquid soap for extra slippery sliding

Slip and Slide FAQs

Will My Slip and Slide Kill My Grass?

Yes, leaving a slip and slide on the grass for extended periods can kill or damage it. It generally is the lack of the heat of the sun that causes grass to die. There are plenty more factors that cause the grass to die that you should prepare to avoid before you set up your slip and slide. Here are some things to consider to protect your slip and slide:

  • Water your grass deeply
  • Mow your backyard regularly
  • Choose the best place to place the slide with minimal damage

Some suggest using blankets to place under the slide to protect the grass thermally. Make sure to move the slip and slide to a new area regularly to prevent the grass from turning brown.

What’s the Best Slip and Slide Soap That Won’t Kill My Grass?

Typically soaps will not be the reason your grass dies when using a slip and slide on your lawn, however, using a baby shampoo will do little damage to your eyes and your lawn. A great alternative to using soap on a slip and slide is to use cooking oil instead, such as vegetable oil.

Can I Use Any Tarp as a Slip and Slide?

Yes, any tarp can serve as a makeshift slip and slide. But, it is always best to use a well-designed slip and slide. Makeshift slip and slides may hurt your skin and may tear easily. For a safer and much more fun experience, get one of the slip and slides reviewed above.

Final Thoughts

Staying cool and having lots of family fun in the backyard can definitely elevate with the addition of a slip and slide. Slip and slide can turn your backyard into an at-home water park for your whole family and your kids’ friends to enjoy. Slip and slides help encourage your family to be active and stay outdoors in a safe and great way. It is a rewarding thing to have for your family that may help you grow closer together in a fun way. For endless enjoyment, look at our list for the slip and slide that better suits you and your home.

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