10 Best Retractable Clotheslines for Outdoor Use in 2024

Hanging a clothesline in your backyard is not attractive to the eye, but it is eco-friendly and cuts down on the electric bill. What if there was a solution to this constantly hanging line that’s just hanging there at all times, even when it’s not in use? Voila! The retractable clothesline is the perfect solution to the problem!

This product enables you to hang the line when its time to use it, instead of it always being there. It’s a great way to improve your backyard decor, hang your clothes to dry when in use, and take it down before your Friday night party!

Our best retractable clotheslines for outdoor use is a list of 10, we go over the key considerations to look at before buying, and also how to install them below. If you are in a hurry then take a look at the 3 best options here, or keep scrolling to make the best decision based on your needs.

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Outdoor Retractable Clothesline Buying Guide

Before buying an outdoor retractable clothesline its important to take a few things into consideration. I know its just a place to hang some clothes, but if the clothesline can’t support the weight your clothes might blow away! Proper installation and having convenient features makes using a clothesline that much better.

Line Length

The length of your clothesline is important for a number of reasons. First, the longer the line the more clothes you can dry at a time. This can cut down on drying times and save you hours a day. Another reason length is important is for installation reasons. If you have an area that is 40 feet long and this is where you want to set up the clothesline, you need to make sure that line is at least 45-50 feet. Trust me, you want to avoid these little mistakes.

Single VS Double Clothesline

With new inventions making everyday life easier for everyone the double-lined clothesline has made a lot of people smile. This double line retractable clothesline creation is brilliant, inside the same body clothesline you will have 2 lines instead of one. This means if you run out of space on one line you have the extra for backup. Or you can simultaneously always have 2 going for more hanging space, one for clothes the other for linen.

Not to say a single line isn’t enough, but I think having 2 can really help when in need of hanging space.

Does it have a Locking Mechanism?

Having a system in place to lock your line is important. You want to have the ability to hang the clothesline at all different lengths. Most clotheslines have this feature, and I’ll make sure each retractable clothesline on this list has a locking system. Some have an area that you wrap the line around so it locks in one place and others have a twisting lock system. Both types work great, but typically you see the wrapping line version.

Quality of the Line

A high-quality line is very important for the longevity of your retractable clothesline. The difference in a poor quality line and a high-quality is the time it lasts outside. With the wind blowing wet clothes, bed sheets, and so on, a cheap line could start to sag. This will eventually catch up on your retractable inner system. The size will be off and it could tangle internally, resulting in a malfunctioning system. But the worst-case scenario would be a line that can’t handle weathering and normal use causing it to completely break.

How to Install an Outdoor Retractable Clothesline?

1. Install Clothesline Bracket

Attach your clothesline body bracket to your home or preferred area. This piece is simply screwed/drilled into a wall, wooden post, wooden fence, or even a tree.

2. Connect Your Clothesline Body

Connect your retractable clothesline onto the mounting bracket it came with. Depending on the product, it might screw-on or click/snap onto the bracket. The reason for a detachable bracket is for easy removal during weather changes or if its in the way of something (furniture or outdoor lighting).

3. Attach Hooks for the Lines

Next, determine your clothesline length. Why? With a retractable clothesline, you can hook and unhook the line after each use if you want. That is the joy of a retractable clothesline. Anyways, the length can determine where you will place the hook, this is where your line will attach and set up as a clothesline. If you have a double line you can have 2 designated hook areas. These hooks must be drilled in tight or your line will just collapse. I recommend a tightly secured wooden post or fence, or into a brick/cement wall just make sure you don’t cause any damages to the building you are drilling into.

4. Attach Clothesline to Hooks

Now after installing everything its time you connect your line on. If done correctly you can start hanging clothes as soon as possible. Hanging a retractable outdoor clothesline has never been so easy!

10 Best Retractable Clotheslines for Outdoor Use

1. Minky Homecare Outdoor Retractable Clothesline

Minky Homecare Outdoor Retractable Clothesline, 2x 49 Feet, Gray

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If you are looking for plenty of drying space, Minky’s retractable clothesline has what you need. Two lines, stretching up to 49 ft. each, provide enough space for over two full loads of laundry. A sturdy steel wall mounts along with a hardy plastic case can ensure this retractable clothesline will endure any number of conditions—rain, sun, and wind. Combining a compact, grey design and the retractable line, it will remain subtle keeping your patio space or backyard open and free from hassle.

The mount is simple with just two screws and one clip. The design provides a secure way to keep the casing bed in place, and an easy way to take it off the wall completely if you want to store it away or move it elsewhere. This clothesline also provides a maximum load of up to 55 lbs., giving you a ton of capacity for quilts and large loads. With such a long length, there is potential for the line to sag, so if you are in need of such length, you may want to consider some kind of support for the middle of the line. This will ensure the line stays taut and help improve the weight capacity even more.

Specs Pros Cons
  • Clip-off bracket
  • All parts included
  • Max load: 27.5 lbs. per line
  • 2 lines, 49 ft. each
  • 1-year warranty
  • 2 lines provide a lot of line length
  • High weight capacity
  • The plastic case protects from UV damage
  • Long length makes it liable to sag without middle support

2. Drynatural Double Retractable Clothesline 

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This Drynatural Double Line provides a great option with a lot of length. The weight capacity is also decent—it will definitely provide plenty of support for a quilt or comforter. The ABS plastic casing will surely stand up to any weather conditions, and the steel mounting hardware will not rust.

With black coloring and rounded design, this clothesline will remain subtle on a wall and will not distract from your beautiful porch and backyard. And with the retractable line, you can be sure the clothesline will not tangle or give you a lot of hassle. The length may lead to some sag, so you may consider getting a middle support to decrease sag and improve weight capacity.

Specs Pros Cons
  • Made with durable ABS plastic case
  • All parts included
  • Max load per line: 19.8 lbs.
  • 2 lines, 49.5 ft. each
  • 2 lines provide a lot of length
  • Comes with plastic clips
  • Lower weight capacity
  • Longer length makes it liable to sag without middle support

3. mDesign Indoor/Outdoor Retractable Clothesline mDesign Indoor/Outdoor Retractable Clothesline - Adjustable 42ft Double Lines - Durable Plastic Reel Dryer for Hanging Wet or Dry Clothes in Bathroom, Laundry, Patio, Balcony - Portable - White

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For another double-line option, mDesign provides a bright and pleasing plastic casing unit for their retractable clothesline. Stretching up to 42 ft. each, the lines are great for a family with a lot of laundries circulating through the home. And the reliable rope line will carry what you need. Plus, the rope line is wrapped in the plastic casing so it is sure to stand up to all kinds of elements. The plastic casing and steel hardware are also weather-resistant if you want to place it outside.

In sleek white and grey, this clothesline can make a subtle and lovely addition to an indoor space like a laundry room or garage. It also has a durable design to last a long time outside. With length, reliability, durability, and a lovely aesthetic, this retractable clothesline is easy to use and very versatile for anywhere in your home.

Specs Pros Cons
  • Plastic filament rope line
  • Steel wall bracket
  • All parts included
  • 2 lines, 42 ft. each
  • 2 lines provide a lot of length
  • Plastic rope line is very sturdy
  • Pretty aesthetic
  • sleek
  • easily adjustable
  • Slightly less length than other double-line options

4. Riveda Outdoor Retractable Clothesline Retractable Clothesline - Portable Heavy Duty Indoor and Outdoor Washing Line - 40 Feet PVC Retracting Clothes Line with Wall Mount Hang The Wet Dry Clothing Laundry - Easy Installation (Grey)

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With a single line, the Riveda Clotheslines design provides a lot of strength, space, and durability for indoor or outdoor use. The easy-to-use retractable line lets you customize however far you need to stretch it, and with a 40 ft. maximum, you will definitely have plenty of length for a large load plus some. The plastic casing and steel are sturdy through any kind of weather, as well as other physical stress like bearing weight or being dropped.

The high weight-bearing capacity comes with a bit of bulk in the design. But if you are looking great utility, this retractable clothesline is one of the best. It will hold whatever load you need and it will be able to do it for a long time. Plus, it still provides the great convenience of the retractable line, which avoids annoying set-up and tangle and takes up very little space.

Specs Pros Cons
  • Rust-proof plastic & steel material
  • All parts included
  • 1 line, 40 ft.
  • load per line: 30 lbs.
  • 60-day warranty
  • High weight capacity
  • Good length
  • Rustproof
  • Bulky design

5. Pop and Bob Perforated Belt Retractable Clothesline

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Pop and Bob provide a high-quality retractable clothesline with several unique features that set it apart. First of all, ABS plastic material for the line makes it very strong, with the capability to bear up to 44 lbs.  The clothesline also has holes punched in it to make it highly convenient and sturdy for hangers. The line itself is sturdy, too, so you can still hang items directly on the line. However, with this strength and quality design, the line is relatively short so it does not leave a ton of space for large loads. But 13.8 ft. of length and a 44 lb. weight capacity still leaves plenty of space and stability for heavy items like quilts.

This clothesline also comes with another special feature: it can rotate 180 degrees. In a solid black color, and with relatively small dimensions, this rotating feature makes the line casing unit incredibly subtle. Additionally, the ABS plastic material can stand up to any weather conditions. So you can keep the line anywhere inside or outside of your home and be sure that it will not take away from the beautiful aesthetic of patio, backyard, or even a living room.

Specs Pros Cons
  • Black or white color options
  • ABS plastic material: wear-resistant, won’t chip or bleed color
  • All parts included
  • 1 line, 13.8 ft.
  • Max weight per line: 44 lbs.
  • Very high weight capacity
  • Capable of 180 degree rotation
  • Holes punched in the line
  • Relatively short line

6. SecureLine 20-Foot Retractable Clothesline SecureLine RC20 20-Foot Retractable Clothesline

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SecureLIne offers a reliable product that is capable of meeting needs anywhere inside or outside your home. The 20 ft. line provides ample space for a decently sized load of laundry as well. While it can endure elements for a time, buyers have reported a faster rate of wear from being outside. However, in general, these reports stated that it lasted over two years before it lost function.

With a combination of a white casing and compact design, it can remain a subtle addition to any part of your home. It will not draw attention in the living room, or on the patio. But when the time is right, it can provide such a helpful function in a location that is most convenient for you. So maybe you have space indoors, or maybe you have a covered area outside of the rain that would be perfect for this retractable clothesline. Or even if the area is exposed to the elements, you can be happy knowing this product will last for years.

Specs Pros Cons
  • All parts included
  • 1 line, 20 ft.
  • 1 year warranty
  • Vinyl line stays taut
  • Compact line casing unit
  • The plastic is not as durable outside

7. EAZZ 26 Feet Retractable Clothesline Outdoor Laundry Line 

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As far as hanging lines for camping, this portable, EAZZ retractable clothesline is hard to beat. It doesn’t need any hardware and the installation is as easy as it gets. Just wrap it around a tree or pole – and use the carabiner clip to fasten it to itself. With 26 ft. of length, you have plenty of space for hanging items for multiple people.

For added mobility, it also comes with a portable storage bag with enough room for the device as well as clothespins and clips. It is easy to keep track of everything you need and keep it all protected from damage from any jostling during travel. Plus, the line itself is made of a simple nylon rope material, making it highly versatile for other outdoor uses, like camping and fishing.

Specs Pros Cons
  • Rope line
  • Comes with portable storage bag
  • All parts included, plus 10 clips and 20 clothespins
  • 1 line, 26 ft.
  • Easily install anywhere with two poles or trees
  • Comes with a portable storage bag, and clips & clothespins
  • Rope is prone to sag more than metal or sturdy plastic lines

8. IdioMum 40 Foot Flexible Retractable Clothesline for Outdoors IDIOMUM Retractable Clothesline Outdoor Heavy Duty - 40 Feet PVC Clothes Line Retracting Outdoors Clothesline with Wall Mount, Indoor Clothesline - Retractable Laundry Line for Drying Clothes

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The IdioMum Line provides a retractable clothesline with a high level of durability and a high level of strength. ABS plastic makes the line casing unit and the line highly durable. It also ensures it will hold firm with a load as big as 30 lbs. So with a high weight capacity and up to 40 ft. in length, there is plenty of space for your clothes, towels, and bedding. It also comes with clothespins and all the hardware needed for installation, so you have everything you need, right at your door.

The unit is on the bulkier side relative to a few other products. But if you’re looking to prioritize high function and quality, this may be the best retractable clothesline for you. The fact that the line retracts and does so with quality materials ensures that you can have a hassle-free way to hang your clothes that will still be able to keep out of your way.

Specs Pros Cons
  • ABS plastic line material
  • All parts included, plus clothespins
  • Max load per line: 30 lbs.
  • 1 line, 40 ft.
  • High weight capacity
  • Bulkier line casing unit

9. DaBao Retractable Clothesline with Adjustable Stainless-Steel Rope 

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DaBao offers a stainless steel model with a stunningly sleek design as well as a high degree of strength. Its modern aesthetic not only makes it a subtle addition to any space but even gives it a decorative quality in certain design schemes.

With 304 stainless steel wire rope wrapped in plastic, the line is firm with a large load and highly durable. The stainless steel line casing unit adds to this durability in a highly aesthetic fashion. With 13.8 ft. of length, the line is relatively short compared to other models. So this product is not ideal for a household with a huge circulation of laundry. But it is an incredible product for households with less laundry.

Specs Pros Cons
  • ABS & aluminum alloy base
  • 304 stainless steel wire rope wrapped in plastic
  • Stainless steel line casing unit
  • Black, white, or silver
  • All parts included
  • 1 line, 13.8 ft.
  • Steel materials
  • Aesthetic quality; multiple colors
  • Relatively short length

10. Drynatural Single Retractable Clothesline 

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Drynatural offers a sturdy and reliable model with one 49 ft. line. With such a long length, there is plenty of room for a high number of loads. Plus, a 22 lb. weight capacity gives a lot of support. If you’re worried about the support but want the length, a middle support pole will increase the weight capacity and decrease sag significantly.

ABS plastic is used for the line as well as the line casing unit, making both parts extremely durable through any number of weather conditions as well as a high degree of wear. You can use it over and over in an exposed area outside and be sure it will keep doing its job.

Specs Pros Cons
  • ABS plastic case
  • All parts included, plus 24 plastic clips
  • Max load per line: 22 lbs.
  • 1 line, 49 ft.
  • Long length
  • Above-average weight capacity
  • Sturdy line casing unit
  • Long length makes it liable to sag without middle support

Final Thoughts

Finding the best retractable clothesline for outdoor use might be difficult because of the limited options you have. After studying 10 retractable clotheslines we have listed the 10 most reliable options for you to choose from. We wanted to make your decision quick and easy.

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