What Is The Best Rake For Dead Grass?

When it comes to yard work, we think of raking up leaves, watering plants, gardening, and so much more. One thing that is truthful about working on the yard is that it is always harder than you think. Every year plants, trees, and grass dies and this actually happens more frequently for people living in 4 season locations. I know in Canada keeping your grass in tip-top shape takes a little extra work that you’ll have to put in during the spring. Although, you are probably asking the question…

The best rake for dead grass is the Groundskeeper II Rake, it is designed to pull out the dead grass while keeping your lawn healthy. The overall design makes raking dead grass easy, it has 24 thin needle-like wire tines that make cleaning out dead grass so simple. The lightweight design is why it makes it the number one best rake for dead grass.  

Why Is My Grass Dying?

  • Insufficient water and nutrients
  • Animal Disruption
  • Excessive Heat
  • Chemicals

There are several reasons why your grass is dying and it needs to be cleaned up before you can start your repair. Let me help you find the best rake to clean up dead grass.

While it is generally believed that any rake can be used to clear up dead grass, the truth remains that better results can be expected when certain rakes are used. As a result of this, we have taken time to put down a list of the best rakes for dead grass.

There are indeed lots of good rakes. So to come up with this list, I have considered factors such as durability, ergonomy, rake width, the ease with which a rake can be used, and of course why it is great for dead grass.

That being said, below are the best rakes for dead grass.

Best Rake For Dead Grass?

  1. Groundskeeper II Rake
  2. Professional EZ Heavy Duty Fold-able Rake
  3. Root Assassin Rake
  4. Ergieshovel Steel Shaft Bow Rake
  5. Arcadius Garden Rake

1. The Groundskeeper II Rake Groundskeeper The II Rake, 21-inches Wide, 55-inch Fiberglass Handle

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The Groundskeeper II rake is a 21-inch wide rake and has a handle that is 55-inches long. It is a rake that is very effective in the spread of fine rock, groom sand traps, and in clearing up environments filled with dead grass. With the use of this rake, it is quite easy to dig into whatever you intend to move without having to exert so much energy.

This is possible because of this rake’s tine lines are arranged at an aggressive angle. The implication of this is the Groundkeeper II rake can be used to work for fairly long hours without whoever is making use of it getting tired.

That’s not all. The fact that you do not need to apply any pressure to get the best out of this rake implies that you can maintain a straight posture while making use of it. Due to this, issues of pain in the waist and in other parts of the body will be minimal when this rake is used.

The Groundskeeper rake is very durable due to the type of materials it is made with. It also has a reputation for being lightweight.

2. Professional EZ Heavy Duty Foldable Rake Professional EZ Travel Collection Adjustable Telescopic Folding Rake, Expandable Rake for Gardens, Flower Beds, Window Wells, and More

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Just as its name depicts, the Professional EZ Heavy Duty rake is a rake that was designed to carry out tasks that are quite uncomfortable. One of these is clearing up dead grass. It is great for whatever duty you want to carry out when clearing up a piece of land. It is also adjustable.

The fact that this rake is very versatile is one of the reasons it stands out from other rakes in its category. Although this rake is generally made use of in clearing up flower beds and hedges, it can be effectively used to work in-between perennials without causing any damage whatsoever.

The Professional EZ heavy duty fold-able rake is made from aluminum. The implication of this is it is lightweight and also strong enough to carry out everyday gardening tasks. Its weight is one of its strong points if you have to spend a long time lifting heavy leaves and debris.

In addition to being lightweight, this rake comes with an ergonomic handle. Its handle is covered with rubber, therefore, making it a lot easier for anyone that has to work with it. This is even more significant if this work will last for a fairly long while.

3. Root Assassin Rake ROOT ASSASSIN RAKE

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The Root Assassin Rake is ideal for working on beaches, clearing dead grass in gardens, for landscaping and in reaching areas that are generally difficult to reach by other types of rakes. This rake might have an ordinary appearance.

However, the truth is it is not in any way an ordinary rake. Unlike a lot of other rakes which can only comfortably be used in clearing only small amounts of leaves and will bend when extra pressure is applied, this rake is one you can trust to help you get done with bulky dirt in the shortest time possible.

Due to the fact that the Root assassin rake was designed to be used in clearing up heavy leaves, it can be relied upon to get your work done faster and also within the shortest time possible. Also, you can certain that working with this rake over a long period of time will not result in any issues of pain in your back, as well as other parts of your body.

The Root Assassin rake features a sturdy handle. It is also very lightweight and is certain to last for a long period of time. Also, you won’t have to worry about rust if you own a Root assassin rake.

4. Ergieshovel Steel Shaft Bow Rake ERGIESHOVEL ERG-BWRK16 Strain Reducing Steel Impact Resistant Bow Rake, 16-Tine, 54-Inch Shaft, w/Patented Ergonomic Second Handle, Gray/Orange

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With the Ergieshovel Steel Shaft Bow Rake, you can bid pain in your back goodbye while making use of a rake. This rake features a big D-grip which makes it easy to move rough debris and dead grass without having to put in a whole lot of effort. The fact is with this rake, any work you have to carry out in your yard can become a lot easier than you think.

The steel shaft that comes with this brake is connected to a handle which goes a long way in helping you work for long periods without feeling any in any part of your body. That’s not all. The Ergieshovel steel shaft bow rake features 16 steel tines which make moving rough debris a lot easier than it will be with other rakes.

5. Arcadius Garden Rake Arcadius Garden 24 Inch - 24 Tines Spring Brace Rake with 2pcs Steel Handles Lawn and Leaf Rakes

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This rake is one that gets manufactured to meet standards that are internationally accepted. It is made in Taiwan and is a rake that can be used very easily.

The Arcadius Garden Rake comes with a rake head that is made from steel and also coated with paint. Due to this it does not get rusted and is also very durable. It features twenty-four 24 inch tine rake head which provides it with more width, thereby leading to great check performance.

This rake is not so sturdy. Due to this, it might be a perfect tool for moving light leaves and dead grass. It, however, should not be used in moving rocks, as well as other materials that are quite heavy.


The rakes that are on this list are chosen to help you. They are best used to clean and pile up dead grass in an efficient manner. Rake up small hard-to-get dead grass, and also long hay-like dead grass areas. Choosing flimsier rakes will result better when raking small/shorter dead grass and strong metal rakes are best to gather longer pieces of dead grass.

I hope you were provided with some quality information to help clean up your yard. Dead grass is a pain when trying to clean up the backyard, so instead of wasting your time get the right tools.

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