10 Best Patio Umbrella Stands for Wind in 2024

Knowing how to care for your outdoor umbrella is important for the sake of having it last for years to come. Umbrellas made using different materials will need to be cared for in different ways, and any manufacturer will advise that your umbrella is closed properly when not in use and when a storm is brewing.

That’s all fine and well, but what about when you’re enjoying the outdoors and wish to stay on your patio as the wind picks up? Should you close the umbrella and simply bear the harsh sun rays for fear of the wind blowing your umbrella away?

I think not. I’ve compiled this list of the 10 best umbrella stands for your patio in windy conditions to secure your umbrella in place even when the wind picks up, and at the end, I’ve included a few extra tips and tricks to secure your patio umbrella in place that you might not have known about…

What to Consider When Buying an Umbrella Stand?

The Total Weight

A heavier umbrella stand is a sturdier umbrella stand. Using the widely accepted rule of thumb of 1ft:10lbs as a basis for your patio umbrella, a 7ft umbrella would need a 70lbs stand. Having a heavier stand will be more difficult to relocate, yet offer greater peace of mind, whereas a lighter stand might get blown away or toppled over along with your umbrella by an unexpected gust of wind.

For cantilever umbrellas, the recommended weight is about the same as for center-pole umbrellas but if your umbrella is on the heavier side then it’s advisable to buy a heavier base. Since the cantilever umbrella’s center of gravity is off-center from the umbrella stand, a higher weight for the stand supports the umbrella’s offset structure even better.

Shape and Size

There are so many design choices available in umbrella stands, ultimately, you’ll want to find something that adorns your patio best. You might prefer something with a sleek and minimalist design, or bulky and rugged that looks extra tough – and if the weight is sufficient for windier conditions with the stand suitable for your type of umbrella, the choice is yours to make for the shape, size, and style you pick.

Filled vs Solid

Often made from HDPE plastics, fillable umbrella stands offer many benefits. The plastic may be molded into different shapes that better compliment your outdoor setting, and they’re lightweight for carrying to wherever you’ll be using them. Since they are filled for the bulk of their weight, you can use sand or water or a mixture of both to get your desired weight and they can be emptied for storage during the winter months and for easy relocation.

On the other hand, solid stands arrive at your doorstep complete with their full weight and only require the receiving tube to be attached. No muss, no fuss. They also come in a larger variety of materials including concrete, resin-composites, metal, and even granite. If they have handholds or wheels they’ll be easier to move, otherwise, preferably you’ll only need them in their final resting spot.

The Type of Patio Umbrella You Have Matters

A center-pole umbrella needs a simple centered stand with a receiving tube that accommodates the diameter of its pole. On average, that’s a diameter of around 1.5 inches but can be bigger or smaller in some cases.

A cantilever umbrella, on the other hand, needs to account for the offset center of gravity and the weight will often be positioned purposefully to that end. A cantilever umbrella also comes standard with a cross-sectional base and receiving tube that the umbrella stand simply rests its weight on.

Here, you can read our guide on the 10 best patio umbrellas for windy conditions!

10 Best Umbrella Stands for Wind

1. C-Hopetree 356 lb Heavy Duty Base Weights Stand for Offset Cantilever Outdoor Patio Umbrella C-Hopetree 356 lb Heavy Duty Base Weights Stand for Offset Cantilever Outdoor Patio Umbrella, 4 Piece Set, Black

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Designed for ease of use with cantilever umbrellas up to 12 feet in diameter, the heavy-duty cantilever umbrella stand is fillable with water, sand, or both for a total weight of 356 lbs. The High-Density Polyethylene plastic is made from 70% recycled material and if you don’t need a base this heavy, C-Hopetree has two smaller bases for up to 256 or 192 lbs in different designs for your perusal.


  • Easy drainage for relocation
  • The design fits snuggly around cantilever cross-base frames
  • The recycled HDPE plastic offers weather resistance and sun protection


  • Panels do not lock into place, but shouldn’t move easily when filled
  • HDPE plastic may develop small cracks over time and leak water

2. ASTEROUTDOOR 100 Lbs Patio Umbrella Base ASTEROUTDOOR 100 Lbs Patio Umbrella Base 23" Heavy Duty Water and Sand Filled Market Stand for Lawn, Pool&Deck, Black

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This 23” outdoor umbrella base has an appearance that might make you mistake it for a picturesque metal umbrella stand, but it is in fact made from Heavy Duty PE plastic. The base is made for center-pole umbrellas and can be filled with sand or water to reach a weight of 100 lbs.

The smooth design allows water to easily run off its surface in rain and it is UV-resistant, while the shape is made to be user-friendly with gently rounded edges. But make sure it’s located in the place you’d like to keep it since there aren’t any handles or convenient grip points! Once it’s in place and filled, neither the wind nor you will easily move this umbrella stand around.


  • Concealed fill hole to complement the clean design
  • 2 screws to secure the pole with an inner part of the receiving tube made to reduce wobble
  • Available in black and bronze


  • No handholds for relocating when filled

3. Treasure Garden 50 LB Classic Market Umbrella Base Treasure Garden 50 LB Classic Market Umbrella Base (Bronze Finish)

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The stylish Treasure Garden umbrella stand is perfect for use under a picnic table at 50 lbs, made from cast iron and available in bronze and satin black. Because it takes up so little floor space under the table it won’t encroach on leg space and the extra support from the table will have your umbrella resting sturdily in place during stronger winds.

However, this stand can also be used independently as well if you add their patented screw-on 30-pound weight which connects underneath – providing strength without compromising the gorgeous aesthetic of the umbrella stand.


  • Usable as an umbrella stand accompanying a picnic table or stand-alone with the extra weight
  • The receiving pole is height adjustable for use under a table
  • Strong and solid cast iron construction
  • Receiving pole screws directly into the base without any extra nuts and bolts

4. JEAREY 4-Pieces Heavy-Duty Cantilever Offset Patio Umbrella Stand JEAREY 4-Pieces Heavy-Duty Umbrella Base Stand Cantilever Offset Patio Umbrella Stand Square Base Plate with Locking Black for Water or Sand (Black)

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Another fantastic cantilever umbrella stand, the 4-piece HDPE cantilever stand by JEAREY includes 4 pins that hold all 4 sections of the umbrella stand securely over the cross-base of your cantilever umbrella. All 4 plates together can hold a total of 256 lbs of mixed sand and water to support most cantilever umbrellas effortlessly.


  • Pins hold the plates firmly together
  • The cross-sectional base fits firmly between the plates
  • Each plate has an accessible screwcap for filling and emptying


  • Once assembled and filled, the 4 separate plates around the umbrella will be hard to relocate without emptying
  • The bulky edges may get in the way when space is limited

5. Martino Outdoor Natural Grey Granite and Stainless Steel Umbrella Base

Martino Outdoor Natural Grey Granite and Stainless Steel Umbrella Base

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With an elegant flare, the outdoor granite and stainless-steel base by Martino has been designed with both form and function at the forefront. The wheels and extending handle provide effortless mobility, while the solid granite block has a heft to it and remains visually stunning.

The 60-pound base would only safely support a center-pole umbrella with a 6’ coverage in windy conditions, but the portability makes up for the smaller shading area.


  • Upmarket style with an affordable price-tag
  • Mobile design
  • Constructed from weather-resistant materials
  • 2-screw umbrella pole support


  • Comparatively lightweight

6. Best Choice Products 81-Pound Heavy Duty Concrete Rolling Patio Umbrella Base (Best with Wheels) Best Choice Products 81-Pound Heavy Duty Square Concrete Rolling Outdoor Patio Umbrella Base Stand w/Locking Wheels, Handles

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This heavy-duty rolling concrete umbrella base is perfect for your patio since it easily rolls around to move the shade as the sun travels through the sky. The 4 wheels are lockable, and because the wheels always support the base the umbrella doesn’t need to be removed to roll it around when desired.

The concrete block is covered in a polyurethane jacket to give it a gentle yet professional finish and has 2 handlebars to aid mobility.


  • Heavyweight concrete at 81 pounds
  • Delightfully easy to move as desired
  • All 4 wheels lock into place for wind resistance
  • Receiving tube holds up to 2” diameter umbrella poles

7. Shademobile Outdoor Umbrella Stand Shademobile Outdoor Umbrella Stand w/ Easy Rolling Base (up to 125lb) Heavy Duty Universal Design for Weighted Commercial Patio & Deck Big Mobile Sun Shade w/ Hidden Wheels | Bronze, Black, Sandstone

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The USA-made outdoor umbrella stand with a rolling base is fillable with sand, pebbles, and even bricks! You can fill the base to a weight of 125 lbs for a steadfast hold on your center-pole umbrella.

The wheels are cleverly hidden, and the edges are rounded with your safety in mind so that you’ll never scrape your ankles against a corner, and 2 wheels can be locked so that your umbrella won’t be able to go anywhere with the wind.


  • Mobility afforded by 4 wheels
  • Strong base with up to 125 lbs capacity
  • Made in the USA
  • Has a purchasable add-on table that can be attached around the pole

8. Norcross 66lbs Stainless Steel Square Umbrella Base

Norcross 66lbs Stainless Steel Square Umbrella Base

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The Norcross stainless steel umbrella base is a lovely contemporary addition to your patio that has a minimalist design. The stainless-steel outer shell houses a concrete block, and the receiving tube has a matching reflective silver finish which complements the rest of the umbrella stand.


  • Contemporary minimalist design
  • Rust-resistant stainless-steel coating perfect for outdoor use


  • At only 66 lbs it would need extra weight for larger umbrellas in windy conditions
  • No handholds for relocating

9. FLAME&SHADE 80lb Round Water Fillable Base Stand 

This injection-molded plastic umbrella stand by FLAME&SHADE is ideal for a center-pole umbrella up to 8 feet in diameter. The umbrella stand is filled with sand or water and has a convenient grip underneath for picking it up and moving it. The receiving tube is also powder-coated and holds up to 1.9” umbrella poles with a tension screw.

FLAME&SHADE 256lb 4 Pieces Base Stand Weight Set for Outdoor Patio Cantilever Offset Umbrella, Black

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FLAME&SHADE also has 2 other products available alongside this one, a 256 lb cantilever/offset umbrella stand and a smaller 73 lb stand for an umbrella against the wall of a balcony or porch.


  • Easy to fill and empty
  • Has a handhold below the product for moving
  • The thinner 20” diameter of the base is also suitable for use under a table


  • Can’t be left containing water in the winter months as freezing temperatures may expand the water and crack the plastic

10. Yaheetech 4Pcs 13L Heavy Duty Offset Outdoor Umbrella Base Yaheetech 4Pcs 13L Heavy Duty Offset Outdoor Umbrella Base Water & Sand Filled Cantilever Offset Patio Umbrella Base Stand, Black

Most cantilever umbrella bases are unfortunately quite bulky in their design, taking up large squares of space and having awkward corners so that they may hold more sand and water.

This offset umbrella base by Yaheetech holds up to 114 lbs of water or 160 lbs of sand while making use of a semi-circular design that not only looks beautiful but also provides lower chances of tripping you up. All four plates fit tightly around your cantilever umbrella base and hold each other together using iron pins.


  • Soft edges
  • Each panel’s filling hole is in the middle where it’s conveniently out of the way
  • The four panels fit neatly above one another to save storage space when not in use


  • If the HDPE springs a leak, the base can only be filled with sand

What are Some Alternative Ways to Weigh Down a Patio Umbrella?

Add an Umbrella Base Weight Bag

Buying a new umbrella base might not always be the best solution to keep your umbrella sturdy in strong winds. If you’ve already got an umbrella with a stand that isn’t up to the task, an easy and cost-efficient option is available which is to add a weighted bag to your existing umbrella stand.

Simply place a product like the Briteree heavy-duty sandbag for most umbrellas around your umbrella base, fill it with sand using the wide easy-fill flaps, and you can quickly and effectively add 100 lbs to your umbrella stand. This umbrella stand sandbag is made with an inner PVC lining and 600D rip-stop Oxford cloth to ensure a long lifespan holding your umbrella in place.

Outdoor Fillable Sandbags Baser - Outdoor Fillable Straight Sandbags, 2 x 55 LBS fillable Weight Bags for Patio Umbrellas, Cantilevers and Garden Accessories

And for a less permanent solution, a strong set of 2 multi-purpose fillable sandbags would go a long way for those windier days. These fillable sandbags by Baser provide solid weights at 55 lbs each while still allowing freedom of movement with carry-straps.

The weather-resistant material, Olefin fiber, is perfect for use around the garden. After you’ve packed away your umbrella, it can also keep your trampoline from bouncing around or your clotheshorse grounded in a strong wind.

Drill and Screw the Base into the Ground Surface

If your umbrella is going to be a permanent fixture on the patio or in the garden, there is always the option to fix the receiving tube to the ground.

There is the possibility that over time the bolts may shear off if bolted into concrete or it could pull out of wood over time, as is mentioned in this article, but if it’s done well then a permanent fixture can save a lot of space and offers great strength against windy conditions.

Here are a few methods to apply fixed mounts for an umbrella.

Tie or Strap it Down

Lastly, you could even tie the umbrella to a fence with something like a bungee cord, or strap it to custom weights to secure it in place if all else fails. This can damage the umbrella or whatever it is anchored to if it’s not done correctly though, so be cautious if you attempt this method.

Final Thoughts

If you live somewhere that sees a lot of wind, there’s a good chance you’ve lost one or more umbrellas to the odd gust of wind now and then. One of my patio umbrellas took a tumble a while ago and broke a rib, so I’m glad that I’ve invested in a heavier base and haven’t had another umbrella brake on me.

I’m mostly just glad nobody was hurt when my umbrella did fall! If you haven’t found the umbrella stand you’re looking for to use on your patio, perhaps this article I’ve written on the 10 best umbrella stands with wheels might have what you’re looking for?

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