6 Best Outdoor TVs for Sun Glare in 2024

Summer days with friends coming over for barbeques, the family out by the pool, or just sitting by yourself outside are utterly unmatched by almost anything. When friends come over to watch the game and the weather outside is too irresistible to sit inside, the most important thing you’ll need to have ready is an outdoor TV that can stand up to the sun’s glare. 

The glare from the sun can quickly ruin any program that you have on the TV. The technology outdoor TVs implement in order to reduce the glare is incredible, but can be tough to understand. Getting the right outdoor TV for your setup can be a difficult endeavor, but with the right guidance, you’ll find yourself sitting out back in your comfy outdoor lounger never missing a beat of the game.

What Makes an Outdoor TV Better Against the Sun’s Glare?

Before diving straight into the TVs we recommend, let’s see what it is that actually makes an outdoor TV better against the sun’s glare. 

Screen Brightness

Typical televisions that are built for the indoors have a low range of brightness variability because there’s so much less light for the TV to be competing against. Once your TV moves into an outdoor space, the sunlight is a huge competitor that a solid outdoor TV will be able to win against for visibility. 

These outdoor TVs utilize an LED backlight to effectively increase the brightness from 30% to 3 times higher than typical indoor TVs. This helps the light from the TV beat out the light from the sun and dramatically reduces the glare you would normally experience. 

Remember to note what each TV is made for. Some of these TVs are made to be in the shade, meaning the brightness levels won’t be near those made for sunlight exposure. LED and QLED are the current leading screens to get you the best possible brightness in full sun. 

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

High dynamic range (HDR) works to give the user a vivid and crystal clear picture by extending the normal range of colors. This leads to a higher contrast and brighter images that will enhance the image on the screen, typically being interfered with by the sunlight. 

Properly Installing

You might be wondering how long outdoor TVs last, proper installation is key to a long-lasting outdoor tv. A huge aspect of getting the best results from your outdoor TV is where you install it. There are a couple of parts that will determine how clear the image is when you choose a spot to put it outside. 

Installing a TV in an area with zero shade, in direct sunlight, is going to be harder to see than one in the shade. It doesn’t matter which TV you get on this list, a shaded spot will give you the best possible viewing. 

The angle at which you set your TV will also affect how much glare the screen has to fight against. If it is directed away from the sunlight and with a little bit of shelter from the elements, you are likely to have a much better time watching. While most of these TVs were made to stand up against harsh weather, it’s always safer to take the step towards protecting your TV with some shelter and shade. 

6 Best Outdoor TVs for Sun Glare

1. SunbriteTV Outdoor TV 32-Inch Pro Ultra-Bright HDTV LED Black 

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Coming in at the top of the game for TVs that will perform the best when faced with the sun is the Sunbrite 32-inch Pro Series Ultra-Bright HDTV. This one is made to live through just about anything Mother Nature has to throw at it. Rain, snow, and extreme heat won’t stop you from getting to tune in the latest program. It features direct sun readable technology so you will avoid isotropic blackout all while the LED, 700NIT screen is protected by a tempered glass shield. 

The powder-coated aluminum exterior helps protect the internal workings on this TV so you can still enjoy the HD and LED anti-glare screen to its full 1080p performance. The interior heating and cooling system allows this TV to run in temperatures from -40F to 122F. You’ll be set watching this in any environment, at any time of the day. 

The Sunbrite 32-inch Pro Series was made to be permanently installed outdoors. A lot of other models will suggest moving them inside when not in use, but you can sleep comfortably knowing that this TV is safe out there. The weatherproof, detachable, 20W speaker bar and the weatherproof remote make sure that your operation and experience won’t ever be interrupted due to inclement weather. 

2. SunbriteTV 55″ Pro Series Ultra-Bright Direct Sun HDTV LED 

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If you looked into the Pro Series that SunbriteTV puts out, but want something just a bit bigger, the 55” version is a great option. With this, you get all the same features but in a bigger size to optimize the viewing experience for more people, or just yourself. 

3. SAMSUNG 55-inch Class QLED The Terrace Outdoor TV SAMSUNG 55-inch Class QLED 4K UHD The Terrace Series Outdoor Direct Full Array 16x Quantum HDR 32x, Weatherproof, Wide Viewing Angle, Smart TV with Alexa Built-in (QN55LST7TAFXZA, 2020 Model)

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The AMSUNG 55-inch Class QLED The Terrace Outdoor TV  is the Smart TV that you’re going to want in your backyard to get the best options to watch anything under the sun, in the light of the full sun. It comes with all of the apps and streaming services that you need to get fully integrated viewing from Netflix to ESPN. The LED screen is designed to give you the optimum brightness for full sun exposure without hindering the picture put out. 

This series is IP55 rating, meaning this TV is protected from water and dust. Some of these TVs come with weatherproof wrapping, which you can choose when checking out, but you can always get an additional TV cover to ensure full waterproofness. The HDR imaging backed by 4K processors ensures that you have a crystal clear and bright picture with the right contrast. 

Built-in speakers make this a great TV that will still be able to be heard even over the noises of an active backyard. The whole family can come out back to enjoy any show you’re watching, but not be bothered when the little ones start running around. 

4. LG 4K LCD HDR Outdoor Smart TV

Weatherized TVs Patio LG 43 Inch 4K LCD HDR Outdoor Smart UHDTV - 43WTLGPSee on BBQguys

Next up on our list is another high-performing smart TV that was made for the outdoors to give you the same viewing options as the top-tier TVs built for the indoors. While the LG 4K LCD HDR Outdoor Smart TV wasn’t made for direct sunlight, we still see this as a great addition to a back patio that has available shaded space. The LCD screen provides the brightness you need to see the picture while the IPS display gives great colors and wide viewing angles. 

One feature that is incredibly useful in this LG TV is the convenience and array of connectivity options that it comes along with. If you want to connect through Bluetooth or WiFi, it’s simple and ready for the connection. Otherwise, you just need to ask Alexa or the Google Assistant to get you to the program you want to watch without ever needed to find the remote. 

This 4K Ultra HD smart TV is treated with a specialized hydrophobic coating that helps to protect it from taking in moisture. Although it’s made to stand up to a bit of water, it will still need to be installed under cover where it will be fully protected. This line comes in sizes from 43” to 65” so you can personalize your own patio and TV design. 

5. KUVASONG True 1500 Nits 55 Inches Sun Readable Smart Outdoor TV KUVASONG True 1500 Nits 55 Inch Sun Readable Smart Outdoor TV for Outdoor Covered Area, High Brightness Outdoor Television, 4K UHD HDR, Includes Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket and 40W Sound bar

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While it’s not made for direct sun, the KUVASONG True 1500 NITS 55” Outdoor TV is another smart TV that brings a huge amount of variety to your patio’s television. The high brightness LED panel makes this a great option when you’re facing partial sun. The screen automatically adjusts between 500 and 1500 NITS as the light level changes throughout the day to give you the best image even if the blue skies turn grey. 

The 4K Ultra HD LED has anti-glare technology to help you get crystal clear images from a wide array of angles to make this TV a great option for larger parties. This smart TV has been updated to a new, ultra-slim design with a brushed aluminum frame that protects it from rust while housing the internal components. 

A 40W soundbar comes along with this 55-inch screen so you can hear it from all corners of the backyard and stay up to date with the news or sports game when multi-tasking at the grill. This smart TV is made to bring anything from YouTube and Netflix or anything you can find on the internet with all the input ports that you will need to connect to most devices. . 

6. SunBrite Outdoor Television 4K with HDR – Signature 2 Series – for Partial Sun SunBrite 43-Inch Outdoor Television 4K with HDR - Signature 2 Series - for Partial Sun SB-S2-43-4K-BL (43-inch, Black)

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SunBriteTV has proven to us time and time again that they can give viewers what they want when watching TV outside. Earlier on our list they proved to be the best for full sun. Here, it’s their time to shine with the Signature 2 Series that excels in partial sun. If you’re looking for something with the same features and quality as other SunBriteTV products for underneath shade, the Signature 2 Series is highly-worth looking into. 

It comes in 43 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches, or an impressive 75 inches to let you get the exact TV that you want and allows you to turn the outdoors into a full-blown movie theater. It will make the perfect TV for a more intimate, family experience, or a huge screen that everyone will come over to watch. OptView technology allows you to personalize this even further by programming the optimal brightness for mid-day or late night viewing. 

A 700 NIT picture and 4K resolution provides the bright, ultra-clear picture that users are after even in the outdoors. This picture is protected from the weather with a durable aluminum case and a dispersive temperature regulation system that protects the TV in temperatures from -24F to 122F. This TV is going to operate in environments that you will struggle to be comfortable in. It’s made for anything. 

While all of these TVs are built to be protected in the outdoors, certain accessories are only going to help extend the lifespan of your TV so you can enjoy it for years on end. We’ve gone into the accessories a bit deeper to help you find the best way to take care of your new outdoor TV. From simple covers to high-quality mounts, you can get the TV up and out of the elements to ease your mind. 

Outdoor TV Covers Outdoor Waterproof TV Cover 52 to 55 inches with Bottom Cover, Heavy Duty, Thick Fabric, Weatherproof Outdoor TV Enclosure for Outside TV

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An outdoor TV cover is going to add even more weatherproofing ability to your outdoor TV to protect it further from dust and other aspects of the outdoors that TVs need to fight against. This microfiber cover is a great addition to a TV that you want to create a longer lifespan for or if you want to bring a TV from the indoors outside temporarily. 

We think that this cover is a great and simple option to give you the extra protection that you’re after. When inclement weather starts coming in, you won’t be worried about your TV. If you head out on a long vacation, or are protecting the TV at your vacation home, this will stop all the dust from collecting and finding its way inside the TV to ruin it. 

Outdoor TV Enclosures Storm Shell Outdoor TV Hard Cover Weatherproof Protection for Television - Mounts Right on The Wall - TV Wall Mounting Bracket Included … (45-55 inch)

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If you’re looking for a more permanent installation, an outdoor TV enclosure is a great option. Some of these were made to be aesthetically pleasing as well as incredibly effective against the elements. If you’re not wanting to buy a brand-new TV just for the outdoors, a solid enclosure will be able to protect your indoor TV when the weather hits. 

This enclosure will give you the option to have a TV that lives both outside and inside, but will also be able to ensure you that your outdoor TV is even more protected than it is built to be. There’s nothing wrong with taking extra care when we’re talking about protecting technology from Mother Nature. 

Outdoor TV Mounts

Outdoor Full Motion Swivel Mount Mount Plus MP-LPA36-443W Outdoor Full Motion Swivel Weatherproof Tilt TV Wall Mount for Most 32”~60” TVs Perfect Solution for Outdoor TV (Max VESA 400x400)

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Getting your TV up and off the ground or a TV cabinet is a great way to save space, protect the TV, and get the best viewing angle. A full-motion swivel mount will let you rearrange and move around the space without having to completely re-mount your TV. 


TechOrbits Motorized TV Mount 


If you’re looking to have something higher on the tech end of things, this motorized TechOrbits TV mount lets you mount the TV anywhere and not need a ladder to adjust the angle. This gives you a lot more freedom in deciding where you want to place the TV. 

TV Ceiling Mount Adjustable Bracket WALI TV Ceiling Mount Adjustable Bracket Fits Most LED, LCD, OLED and Plasma Flat Screen Display 26 to 65 Inch, up to 110 Lbs, VESA 400x400mm (CM2665), Black


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If you’re really looking to save space, just mount your TV to the ceiling. This lets you get a huge range of viewing potential and doesn’t limit you to the back corner of your patio. You can mount this just about anywhere, which is a great level of freedom you want when personalizing your porch. 

Buying A TV Warranty

The last “accessory” we see as being incredibly worth the purchase is a TV warranty. All of these TVs are going to be a pretty big purchase. As it is going to be outdoors, you may want to check the warranty that the company puts with the TV or look into purchasing a separate warranty. Mother Nature can be unpredictable and incredibly strong. You’ll thank yourself later for an additional purchase today. 

Final Thoughts

Getting a good setup outside with a TV brings a load of joy and family entertainment to your patio either this summer or by the fire in the winter. As tech has advanced, these companies have made it easier and easier to get the right TV for outdoor use. We see so much potential in each of these TVs, and you can quickly transform the outdoors to hosting giant viewing parties. The fun and entertainment is limitless with one of the best outdoor TVs for sun glare on the market today. 


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