10 Best Exterior Anti-Slip Paints for Wood and Concrete

Anti-slip paint is great for improving safety in commercial and residential settings. Wood and concrete can both get very slippery when wet and if you don’t do anything about it, people can easily slip and fall. But anti-slip paints are designed to improve grip and make these surfaces much safer, even when they are soaking wet. They contain microbeads or aggregates to give the surface a textured finish, making it much easier to walk on. You can also get anti-slip additives that you put into other paints.

Most people don’t have much experience with anti-slip paint so you may not know where to start when buying it. This guide will explain some of the key things to look for in a good anti-slip paint. I’ve also included some of my recommendations so you can find the perfect product for the job.

What to Consider When Buying Anti-Slip Paint?

Easy Application

Always consider how easy the application is when buying anti-slip paint. Epoxy and urethane anti-slip paints are the most common and they are both relatively easy to apply. But you should check the instructions to see how many coats you need, etc.

Dry Time

Dry time is another important consideration, especially as you are working outdoors. The paint needs enough time to dry before it rains. Naturally, it’s best to apply in the summer when the weather is good, but you can’t guarantee it will stay dry forever. So, faster drying paints make life easier and reduce the risk of it being washed off by the rain.

Additive vs Paint

It’s crucial that you check whether you are buying an additive or a paint. Additives cannot be used on their own and must be mixed with an existing finish to give you an anti-slip coating. Paint, on the other hand, is ready to go straight on. 

In some cases, an anti-slip paint is the best choice but you may decide to use additives if you want more flexibility. For example, if you need a specific color or protective coating but you also want to give it texture, you can use additives.

Make Sure it is Rated for Exterior Use

Not all anti-slip paint is suitable for exterior use. A lot of products are designed for commercial spaces like warehouses and these won’t necessarily be safe for use outdoors. If you use an interior-only product, it will wash off easily and you’ll lose the anti-slip coating. Paint needs to have specific additives to make it water-resistant, so always double check the label.

Color Options

Although anti-slip paint is mainly a practical safety solution, you should still think about aesthetics. If you’re using it on a wooden deck or an outdoor concrete area in the yard, you still want it to look good. Some coatings only come in a simple gray or white while others have lots of great color options. 

10 Best Exterior Anti-Slip Paints for Wood and Concrete

1. Slip Doctors Tuff Grip Non-Skid Paint

Tuff Grip Non-Skid Paint (Light Gray, Gallon Extreme) for Ramps, Floors, Decks & Stairs – Textured Anti-Slip Grip Coating for Extreme Slip Resistance

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Slip Doctors Tuff Grip Non-Skid Paint is an excellent anti-slip coating with a very rough texture. It can be used on all kinds of surfaces including wood, concrete, and metal, providing great grip on all of them. It goes on easily with a roller and it has a quick dry formula too, so it’s a simple job. That said, the coverage is not as good as some other options.

It contains additives to make it UV resistant and protect against chemical corrosion, so it gives a long-lasting finish that is ideal for outdoor applications. It will easily stand up to heavy foot traffic too. You also have the choice of ten different colors.

While the coverage is not the best, this is a very heavily textured finish that gives you superior grip, and it’s durable too so it will last. 

2. Rust-Oleum Marine Anti-Slip Additive

Rust-Oleum 207009 Marine Anti-Slip Additive 1/2-Pint, 4 Ounce (Pack of 1), Clear, 11 Fl Oz

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This Rust-Oleum Marine Anti-Slip Additive can be mixed with any oil-based or latex-based paint to create a tough anti-slip coating. You can mix it with stain for decking too. It is essentially very fine, clean sand that mixes straight into the existing finish. This is ideal if you already have a specific finish in mind but you also want to texture the surface. It works on a variety of surfaces including concrete and wood and the anti-slip coating lasts as long as the paint does. It won’t change the color or any other properties of the paint either. You just need to make sure that it is mixed properly so you get a nice even distribution of texture on the surface.

Each can will do around a quart of paint, but if you want an especially thick texture, you may need to mix in more. The good thing about mixing in an additive is that you have complete control over the texture. 

3. Behr Premium Textured Low-Lustre Enamel Porch and Patio Anti-Slip Floor Paint

Behr Premium Texture Anti-Slip Paint is an enamel paint, so it has excellent water-resistant properties. The enamel is frost-resistant as well, so it’s ideal for cold climates. It gives you better coverage than a lot of other anti-slip paints too. The dry time is only 2 hours and you can recoat in 2-4, so application is quick. You can use this paint to create an anti-slip surface on concrete, wood or composite wood. However, it is not designed to withstand car tires and the finish will come away if you are driving on it. So, if you are using it on wood or concrete areas that only see foot traffic, it’s brilliant. But if you want something to make your driveway or garage safer, pick a different product.

Home Depot offers custom colors with computerized color matching, so you can get the exact color that you want. This is a huge bonus because colors can be limited with anti-slip paints. 

4. Innovative Wood Guard Anti Slip Coating for Wood

Wood Guard Anti Slip Coating for Wood, Decks, Stairs, Patios and Porch by Tub Guard, Clear, Roll-On, High-Traction Non-Slip Textured Coating to Prevent Slip Fall Accidents - 1 Gallon

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If you want to keep your deck safe while maintaining the current color, this Innovative Wood Guard Anti Slip Coating is perfect. This is only for wood and it’s designed for decking and stairs, etc. One can cover up to 400 sq. ft., so it’s a good cost-effective option. The thick formulation is easy to apply and it suspends the anti-slip particles well, so they spread easily and you get a good coating all over the decking. Using multiple coats will increase the grip, which is great for covering around pool or hot tub areas. It dries completely clear so it can go over the top of your existing stain or finish and you’ll never notice that it’s there.

It does have a 24 hour dry time so it’s not the fastest job, but it does give you incredible results on your deck. It’s also water-repellent, so you get an extra layer of protection on the deck. If you want to, you could even use this like a clear coat straight on the raw wood.

5. INSL-X Sure Step Acrylic Anti-Slip Coating Paint

INSL-X SU092209A-01 Sure Step Acrylic Anti-Slip Coating Paint, 1 Gallon, Desert Sand

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INSL-X Sure Step Acrylic Anti-Slip Coating Paint is a water-based finish suitable for use on wood, concrete, and metal. It can be used indoors or outdoors and it’s ideal for concrete patio areas, decking, and stairs. There are 7 great colors available, so you’ll be able to find one that blends well with the rest of the garden decor. Application and cleanup is easy because it’s water-based, but the dry times are a bit longer than other products. It takes 8 hours before you can recoat and at least 24 hours before it can be subject to light foot traffic. However, it needs 4-5 days before it is exposed to heavy foot traffic. So, you’ll need some forward planning to make sure that you have enough dry days.

The anti-slip protection is more than adequate because it’s a very thick, gritty covering, so it’s worth taking your time with it and waiting a bit longer for it to dry.

6. TracSafe Anti-Slip Sealer

TracSafe Anti-Slip Sealer is a great 2-in-1 product. Not only does it create a rough texture and increase traction, but it also seals the surface and protects it well too. It’s a completely clear coating that works on a variety of surfaces including concrete, wood, ceramic, tiles, pavers, and stone. If you want superior protection for the underlying surface as well as a good anti-slip coating, this is perfect.

Application is easy with a roller and two coats is plenty. It only takes around 4-6 hours to dry between coats too. However, it needs to be left for at least 24 hours before it is subject to heavy foot traffic.

This anti-slip sealer is great for concrete flooring and it’s good for decking if you already have a stain underneath and you just want to protect the surface. But if you want to color the wood too, it may be quicker to use a colored anti-slip coating instead of staining and then topcoating with this.

7. FixALL Skid Grip Anti-Slip Floor Coating

FIXALL Skid Grip Anti-Slip Floor Coating, Interior/Exterior - 5 Gallon - Smoke

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FixALL Skid Grip Anti-Slip Floor Coating is an acrylic textured paint that is best used on concrete flooring but it can be used on wood too. If you want an affordable option, this is a good product to go for because you get excellent coverage. It comes in 7 different fade-resistant colors for a long-lasting finish.

Acrylic paint is quick drying and easy to clean up with soap and water, so it’s a much easier option than oil-based paints. That said, the fast drying can make application difficult. It’s best to use a roller to spread the paint evenly before it starts drying, or you get a lot of drags and streaks on the surface.

8. RTG Deck, Porch, & Patio Anti-Slip Paint

RTG Deck, Porch, & Patio Anti-Slip Paint (Quart, Sand)

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If you want an eco-friendly option, this RTF Deck, Porch and Patio Anti-Slip Paint is one of the best choices. It’s a low VOC polyurethane finish that gives you a strong, textured finish. You can get a clear option if you want to cover existing stain or paint. There are also colored options (light gray, sand, or white).

The thing that really sets this apart is that the texture is not abrasive. Most anti-slip paints use a sandy or gritty substance to give more traction. This is great but in some situations, you may want something less harsh, especially if you are walking on the surface with bare feet. If you’re trying to make a pool or hot tub area safer, for example, you don’t want a sharp, gritty surface.

9. Slip Doctors Dura Grip Anti-Slip Paint

Dura Grip Anti-Slip Paint (Safety Yellow, Quart) for Concrete, Wood, Tile and Metal – Non-Skid Coating for Floor, Decking and Ramps – Non-Slip Epoxy Paint

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This is another great Slip Doctors product but the Dura Grip Anti-Slip Paint differs from Tuff Grip in a few ways. This is an epoxy paint and, most importantly, it’s much softer underfoot. Tuff grip gives you great grip but it’s more of an industrial-type paint for things like driveways. The Dura Grip is better for barefoot areas like decking or pool areas. You still have a great choice of colors including black, brown, yellow, blue, or pink. It can be used on a variety of surfaces including wood, metal, and concrete and it has the same UV inhibitors that the Tuff Grip does, so you get excellent weather resistance too.

In terms of durability and anti-slip performance, there isn’t much difference between this and the Tuff Grip. The main difference is in how abrasive the finish is and this product is the better choice in areas where people walk barefoot.

10. Krylon Clear Non-Skid Coating

Krylon K03400000 Clear Non-Skid Coating - 11 oz. Aerosol

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If you’re covering a small area and you want a quick solution, try this Krylon Clear Non-Skid Coating. It’s a completely clear covering that sprays on easily and makes the surface less slippery without making it too abrasive. You can recoat in around half an hour too. Even though this isn’t as durable and long-lasting as other items on this list, it’s surprisingly effective for a spray option and application is so easy. If you have a large area to cover, it’s not the most cost-effective choice but for smaller areas, it’s ideal.

Anti-Slip Paint Related Questions

How Do You Add Anti-Slip Additives to Paint?

Anti-slip additives are so easy to use. You simply mix them into the finish that you are using and then stir thoroughly to distribute them evenly. Then, you can use the finish as you normally would. Before you start, check the guidelines on the product and it will tell you the ratio of paint to additives you should use. Always follow these guidelines and measure it out carefully because using too much could ruin the resultant finish. Stir regularly during the application because the anti-slip additives can settle after a while. 

Read our detailed guide How to Add Sand to Paint to Make it Non-Slip to learn all you need to know!

How Many Coats of Anti-Slip Paint are Required?

This depends on the product you are using, so always check the directions before you start. However, most good anti-slip paints give you a good rough surface with 2 coats. In areas where you need more traction, consider adding an extra coat on top.

How Do You Prep Your Patio for Anti Slip Paint?

Start by clearing the surface of any furniture and plants, etc. Next, you should repair any cracks in the patio before you paint. Use a wire brush to clear out the crack and then brush out the loose dirt. You can then apply a masonry filler with a scraper. Larger cracks may need to be filled in layers. Once the filler has dried, sand it down until it is smooth.

Next, clean the surface of the patio. Concrete is porous so it soaks up grease and dirt easily. If you don’t clean this off, the paint won’t adhere as well. Using an acid-based cleaner on concrete is the best way to draw out the grease and clean it off properly. Look for concrete cleaners that contain hydrochloric acid or phosphoric acid. Use a stiff brush to scrub the solution into the concrete and then rinse it thoroughly with a hose.

It’s vital that you let the concrete dry fully before you paint or the paint won’t adhere properly. To check this, you can tape a square of foil down onto the patio. Leave it a day and then take it up; if you see spots of moisture, the patio needs more time to dry. If there is no moisture, you can go ahead and paint.

Is Anti-Slip Paint Flammable?

Anti-slip paint is made by adding aggregates or sand to an existing paint. The additives are not flammable, so it all depends on the type of paint itself. If the paint is water-based, it isn’t flammable. But oil-based paints contain a lot of solvents, which are flammable when wet. Once the paint has dried, the solvents have mostly evaporated, so they are far less flammable. If you are concerned about anti-slip paint being flammable, look for water-based options.

Can You Make DIY Anti Slip Paint?

Yes, if you want to make your own paint you can use the same overall process that manufacturers use; take some paint and add an abrasive substance – sand is the best choice.

Make sure that you buy clean sand and don’t go too coarse or you will get a lumpy finish. Kids play sand is the perfect consistency and it’s nice and clean. Choose the right paint for your project too. Usually, you’ll be using floor paint if you are working with a patio or concrete driveway. For wood, use high-quality wood paint.

As a guideline, use 4 parts paint to 1 part sand and stir it together well before applying. Once you have applied the first coat with the sand, apply further coats without any sand mixed in. This gives you the durability you need from the paint. If you want a coarser finish, you can mix a higher quantity of sand in. But be careful and always do a test spot first to see how it dries.

If a paint isn’t the option for you remember that anti-slip stair treads are a good alternative. See my most recommended and 10 Best Anti Slip Stair Treads for Outdoor Use in our guide here. 

Final Thoughts

Anti-slip paint makes decking and patio areas so much safer, especially if you have a pool or a hot tub. All of the products I’ve recommended above give you a great abrasive surface that stops people from falling. But if you have a very specific paint in mind, you can make your own anti-slip coating by adding some find sand.