10 Best Dog Patio Potties in 2024

Whether it’s a rainy or snowy day or you have an older dog that can’t hold its bladder through the night, a dog patio potty is an ideal solution. With a wide selection of patio potties, it’s not easy to choose the best one for your canine friend.

The best dog patio potties boast a variety of features and they’re not for older dogs only. They’re also helpful in housetraining puppies and for busy dog parents who have no time to walk around the neighborhood.

Read on to find out how to choose the best patio potty for your dog as well as a list of some of the best dog patio potties for this year:

What to Consider When Buying a Grass Patio Dog Pad?

Potty training is one of the most critical first steps in caring for your dog. It saves your furniture and floors from all sorts of problems. Plus, it teaches your puppy to follow a routine of when and where to relieve itself.

The overall size

Dog grass pads come in various sizes and meet the needs of any dog breed. Although it sounds obvious that a small dog needs a little patio pad, there are other factors that determine the size of the pad. A regular-sized pad measures roughly 25 inches long by 15 to 20 inches wide. While this size is suitable for a tiny dog, it is insufficient for medium to big breeds.

If you have a small dog, you’ll need to purchase one 24” x 15-20” pad. The medium and larger dog breeds will need up to 2 24” x 15-20” pads. Since dogs tend to move around, sniffing out the better area to poop/pee, ensure they have enough space to move around.

How to clean a dog patio potty

If you use an artificial grass pad, make sure to properly clean it with soap and warm water on the regular. Take the grass out of the pad. Allow the grass to dry out. Change it every month to keep the area clean.

If you use the pad that has natural grass, grass will absorb urine and you’ll simply need to remove the poop. You can also place a pad under the tray for the urine. Ensure you replace it frequently, though. As soon as you complete your cleaning process, show a patio potty to your dog to remind their place.

Owners Update: I have owned one of these grass pads for my dog Chuck to use on our balcony area. One thing that is a must is proper and regular cleaning, trust me. These mats will attract flies, bugs, and more if you do not clean them up.

The best way to clean them is with soap and a hose, make sure the soap is pet friendly. Rinse, add soap, rinse, and rinse some more. Let the pad and the grass dry before putting it back to use. 

If you do not have access to a hose on your balcony you can try a bucket of warm water with soap, pour 2 to 3 buckets full and it should reduce any odors. If needed, you can wash the pad and grass inside your shower/tub with gloves on. Make sure you properly clean your tub surround after doing this, these mats really do smell…  

Will my dog use it?

That’s one of the most popular questions dog owners ask when choosing a patio pad. With a little training, your dog will definitely use it.  The biggest issue with a puppy pad is probably how your dog will stop communicating their needs with you.

The transition from a puppy potty to outside isn’t easy for some dogs. Depending on your dog’s age and breed, it may take some time and effort before your canine baby ditches the inside potty and switches to the outside pad/potty and overall bathroom routine.

The pad-trained dogs are especially more likely to learn to do their business outside forever. It may take a while to get out of the habit. However, transitioning from a puppy potty to going outside is rewarding in the long run.

Why a Dog Patio Potty May Be Right for You

There are a few reasons your dog needs a patio potty

  1. The patio equals the bathroom

Does your dog always go on the patio? A patio potty is an excellent way to protect your deck and prepare your pup for outdoor peeing and pooping.

  1. Health problems

Whether your dog just recently had surgery or has some mobility issues, having the area designed specifically for potty breaks is a great solution.

  1. You live in an apartment

When you have no opportunity to walk with your pup outdoors, consider investing in a high-quality dog patio potty.

  1. Weather

At below-freezing temperatures, dogs can go outside for 15 to 20 minutes to use the toilet and play. Having the bathroom zone with a pad for your pup on your patio is a safe option.

10 Best Dog Patio Potties (Grass Pads)

If you’re on the lookout for the best patio potty for your dog, here’s a list to help you out.

1. PetMaker Artificial Grass Puppy Pad

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Petmaker is a well-known brand known for offering high-quality pet supplies at reasonable costs. PetMaker Artificial Grass Puppy Pad is among the best dog patio potties available on the market these days. The pad is available in two different sizes. This one is the medium variant, which is suitable for small and medium-sized breeds. Replacement pads are available in both sizes.

Cleaning up after Fido is a breeze thanks to the multi-layered technology. The pad is placed on top of a plastic insert. Any liquid drains quickly and effectively into the collecting tray. Your dog is kept clean and his paws are kept dry. Your carpet is also covered, and you won’t have to deal with any nasty clean-up.

The insert and tray are constructed from tough, long-lasting plastic. Synthetic grass provides a decent imitation of actual grass without the degradability issues that real grass has.

2. PetSafe Pet Loo Portable Outdoor Dog Potty

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This PetSafe Pet Loo synthetic plastic tray may be used both indoors and outside, providing you with a lot of flexibility. When it comes to your dog, this patio potty should feel quite similar to a piece of natural grass. This potty’s base is non-slip.

The only major drawback to this potty is that it isn’t the cheapest choice available. If you’re on a limited budget, you may acquire equivalent toilets for a reduced price. You and your pet are in good hands if you’re willing to spend a bit more for brand legacy and construction quality.

3. LITA Premium Artificial Grass

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There’s something for all eco-conscious pet owners out there. LITA Premium Artificial Grass is a non-toxic, eco-friendly artificial grass that will make an amazing patio potty for your dog. It’s available in different sizes and is constructed of top-quality synthetic material. With artificial grass, you’ll quickly teach your pup to use a patio potty.

LITA Premium Artificial Grass can withstand sunlight and dog urine and is notable for its 4 tone pattern. Thanks to its extremely high density, LITA Premium Artificial Grass is perfect for large dog breeds. You can trim this grass with a box cutter if needed, which is why it’s better to purchase a bit larger size than you need. You can lay this artificial grass directly on concrete or even dirt, or place it on top of a tray.

You can also see this artificial grass on our list of 9 ways to cover dirt in your backyard space, maybe you can find some ideas in that article!

4. Hompet Dog Grass Pad with Tray

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This pad boasts a three-layer design with 56 drainage holes for better odor control. The sloped under-tray with ridges design helps lead the urine down into the box through the drainage holes for better disposal. Hompet Dog Grass Pad with Tray also helps to prevent urine splash thanks to the upgraded bionic wall.

The pad is extremely durable. Your pup won’t drag the turf out of this patio potty. Hompet’s pad is constructed from high-quality UV-resistant polyethylene and polypropylene yarn, which can withstand dog pees without degrading or harsh sunlight.

Hompet Dog Grass Pad with Tray is ideal for puppies, small breeds, restricted and elderly dogs. This kind of open tray needs more supervision. Make sure there’s no urine-soaked padding remained in the tray, and clean it often. Use warm soapy water to clean it.

5. Giantex 30x20inch Dog Puppy Pet Potty Pad

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Giantex’s potty pad is great for dog training. The artificial grass mat top looks and feels like genuine grass, which makes it very appealing to dogs. It also keeps the grass mat drier by allowing it to drain to the bottom collecting base tray. It only requires a quick rinse and wash. Furthermore, it substantially assists you in keeping your home tidy and clean.

Giantex’s potty pad is suitable for small to medium-sized dogs. With top-quality materials, the Giantex synthetic grass turf looks extremely lush and feels good under bare feet. The pad has removable grass, making the cleaning process a breeze.

6. MTRBRO Professional Outdoor Pet Potty Grass Mat

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Do you want to find the best porch potty for your dog? If you’re looking for the perfect purchase that will last for years, this MTRBRO Pro Outdoor Pet Potty Grass Mat is a wonderful option. The dog potty is made of high-quality materials that will endure a long time.

Second, it features a sturdy foundation that gives maximum support regardless of the dog’s weight. The dog potty’s design makes cleaning simple and quick. This will ensure that the environment is always clean and safe. The turf of this grass mat is coated with durable rubber backing with drainage holes for faster cleaning. It also feels amazingly soft under pet paws.

7. Fortune-Star Artificial Grass Dog Mat

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Fortune-Star Artificial Grass Dog Mat is a reliable and versatile dog potty suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. The dog grass mat is constructed from high-quality very soft materials. This artificial grass resembles a real grass and is suitable for different dogs.

Fortune-Star Artificial Grass Dog Mat solid and thick. The artificial grass doesn’t need expensive pruning and maintenance. You should simply wash the potty with water. You won’t have to replace this grass as often as you’d want because it’s UV-resistant and anti-aging. Cheaper fake grass for dogs may split apart due to wear and strain, but the Fortune-Star Artificail Grass Dog Mat has always utilized solid materials to avoid this.

8. LOOBANI Indoor Outdoor Dog Potty System (2 Pack)

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The LOOBANI Dog Grass Pee Pads have great drainage and are odor-neutralizing thanks to natural agents. It’s available in three various sizes, and the pricing is really reasonable. The nicest part of LOOBANI fake grass is that it can be utilized both indoor and outdoor. It helps make potty training a little less difficult.

This potty system is easy to clean. The upper pad is made of synthetic grass that is completely reusable and simple to clean. Just hose it down, wash it in warm soapy water and you’re ready to go! The pee drains into the tray beneath, which is fully leak-proof.

9. MEEXPAWS Dog Grass Pee Pads with Tray

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MEEXPAWS Dog Grass Pee Pads are available in extra large and small sizes. The extra-large size is perfect for bigger dog breeds like Labrador, Alaskan Malamute, or Golden Retriever. The three-layer system includes: Top – artificial grass; Middle – pee pads; Bottom – tray.

The potty is good for both outdoor and indoor use. Its light design makes it very handy, and the realistic grass makes it suitable for all canines. Because it has soft grass and a drawer mechanism, the excellent potty will always protect your flooring and make cleaning easier.

10. Petush Dog Grass Pad with Removable Tray

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The Petush Dog Grass Pad is a versatile and durable dog potty that may be used both indoors and outdoors.  Even when you’re not at home, the potty is always the finest approach to handle your dog. It is suitable for dog owners who live in apartments and is quite easy to clean. For easy cleaning, the synthetic grass mat may be removed from the base. Aside from that, the potty is also tiny, making it ideal for small places. It is suitable for little dog breeds.

Real Grass Pad Alternatives

Buying Sods Locally

You can buy sods and place them on cardboard. This can be a great alternative if your dog will not use fake grass. You can order a real grass pad online. Here are a couple of options to consider:

Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Potty with Real Grass

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This real grass pad by Fresh Patch will appear, smell, and feel like real grass. Look no further if you’re concerned about exposing your dogs to artificial turf puppy pads. If you prefer a natural look or an area of grass dedicated to only your animal, the Fresh Patch Disposable pad is a great choice.

When it’s time for a dog to go to the potty, the scent of fresh grass is highly appealing. It’s a great bonus of this option because you can’t truly replicate its aroma with safe artificial grass. If that’s your objective, it’s also a terrific method to gradually introduce your dog to the grass.

DoggieLawn Real Grass Dog Potty

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The DoggieLawn Disposable Dog Patch is made entirely of real grass, with no additional chemicals for preservation. The grass arrives pre-watered and prepared to begin potty training in a package. Because it’s real grass, urine naturally evaporates and the odor goes rapidly.

This pad doesn’t merely keep the pee in place for you to clean up, unlike cheaper versions that employ plastic bases. Dog urine produces a variety of problems with natural grass; therefore it’s crucial to prevent it. Other forms of bathroom mishaps are similarly easy to clean.

If you do purchase a real grass patch, you MUST inspect for bugs and other insects that may have nested in the patch. Better safe than sorry for your buddy. You can always make your own patch using cardboard and a piece of sod.

Patio Dog Potty FAQs

Is my dog allowed to potty on the balcony in my apartment?

If your balcony is escape-proof and not frosty during winter, you can train your puppy to do its business on your balcony.

Does the dog potty pad size matter?

For people looking for pads for mature or ill dogs, or pups of big breeds, size might be a crucial consideration. Most little and many medium-sized breeds have no issue using most pads on the market, which are typically 24′′ × 24′′ in size. Any size larger than 24′′ x 35′′ will suffice for larger dog breeds.

What is better for my dog – Real Grass vs. Synthetic?

Synthetic grass is absolutely safe for dogs. Artificial grass is much more durable when compared with fresh grass since it can endure the wear and tear caused by the dog’s nails, paws, and claws. It requires no feeding, no watering, and no mowing and can last up to 25 years. However, it’s crucial that you buy high-quality fake grass. Real grass is a bit messy and requires certain maintenance.

How do I train my dog to use the pad? How long?

It usually takes about two weeks to potty train a dog. Some dogs might need 1 to 2 months or even longer. Keep in mind that your dog might become dependent on their pee pads. Transferring your dog’s potty habits from indoor pee pads to solely outside might be a lengthy process.

Why is it important to use an outdoor potty instead of an indoor one?

There are many reasons why it’s better to use an outdoor potty. First, it’s an excellent way to do their business outdoor, warding off bugs/flies, smells, and keeping your air quality better. If you use an indoor potty, there’s a risk your dog won’t do its business outdoors. Training takes a lot of patience and experiment.

Final Thoughts

A dog has the natural instinct to do its business on fresh grass. A patio potty offers a realistic imitation so little to no training is required for your pup to use it. No watering, no mowing! One important thing to do is to choose the highest quality patio potty possible. If your dog refuses to use a fake grass pad, consider a real grass pad as an alternative.

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