The 10 Best Golf Nets for Your Backyard in 2024

Why waste money on driving down to the local driving range, or searching for a new venue to take some swings. Many golf enthusiasts get deterred from purchasing their own golf net due to the price, setup time, and space (or lack there of). However, there are a number of wonderful options available online no matter what your circumstances are, not the least of which we will get into below.

What to Consider When Buying A Golf Practice Net?

Overall Size

The size is the #1 most important factor because the absolute last thing you want to happen is invest all this money into a high-quality net, only to have to return it days later because it doesn’t fit. Be careful as you scroll through each product, the majority of which are between 7-10’, with some nets falling slightly above and below this height. Be sure to take measurements of the area you are looking to put it in before you purchase, and if you absolutely can’t seem to figure it out, most of the brands we mention have spectacular customer support teams that are there to help.

Net and Pole Quality

Another essential aspect to consider when purchasing a golf practice net is the overall quality of the materials used to make the net and pole of the product. Many nets are made with nylon, and other durable materials, but taking the time to understand your specific needs as a golfer is paramount. Also, the durability of the pole matters so that you won’t be sacrificing longevity, and so that the frame won’t break down after a few intense hits.

Assembly/Disassembly Importance

Also consider how important the assembly (and disassembly) process will take, as well as how much energy you’ll exert doing it. Many golf nets are very easy to install, and the majority come with kits to make the entire process even easier. Understand that if you are placing the net outside, there is a good chance that strong winds are going to be present, and so the assembly process may be a little longer as you will have to secure it properly (as opposed to simply hooking it into place). Also, is your plan to set it up and leave it there? Or will you only set it up when you’re about to use it? The assembly time may likely play a role in this, but before purchasing you should think about how you want it to be set up, and how much time it will take to do so.

Top 10 Best Golf Nets for Your Backyard

1. The Net Return Home Series V2 Multi-Sport Golf Net (Professional Option)

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The Net Return Home Series V2 Multi-Sport Golf Net steals the show as our best golf net for your backyard. This spectacular product offers up one of the more versatile, convenient, and professional options on the market. It is the only golf net in the world that automatically returns the ball back to the golfer, and can handle golf ball speeds of 200 MPH without a problem. Making it one of the best golf nets for your backyard as it provides you with the ability to practice anytime, anywhere. The price will likely turn many amateur golfers off (as it is a high-end product), but if you are ready to 100% commit yourself to the game, there is no better option.

2. Rukket Haack Golf Net Pro (Best Bang for Your Buck)

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The Rukket Haack Golf Net Pro is another tremendous choice as it offers much of the same features as our top golf net, but at a far more reasonable price. While the #1 choice may be the more professional net, this is perfect for everyone from amateurs to professionals. With a durable 9’ x 7’ x 3’ netting, and a sturdy cage to meet the demands of the more aggressive shots. Whether you want to get some practice in with your new wedge, or the old trusty driver, this design is built to handle all club power. It also comes with a beautiful turf hitting mat to practice those rough lies that always keep us down. It also carries the ability to be used inside or outside, illustrating debatably the most versatile design on the market, for a much friendlier price.

3. Gagalileo Backyard Golf Practice Nets

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The Gagalileo is a spectacular choice for anyone looking to take their game to the next level. It is one of the only nets on the market that is available in a variety of different sizes, styles, and colours. Easily presenting us with the most customization of any option available. The Gagalileo Golf Backyard net is made from a mixture of Oxford polyester and nylon netting, and a fiberglass support rod built to withstand rust and deformity. Though it is designed for low-intensity shots, it can easily be used for any club at any level. This superb product also comes with a new target area in the center of the net for improved accuracy on all your swings. The Gagalilio carries nothing but amazing reviews, and offers the most customizable options for a very reasonable price.

4. Champkey TEPRO Golf Hitting Net

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The Champkey TEPRO 10’ x 7’ Golf Hitting Net is another option for your backyard setup that provides wonderful value. It is made with high-performance 5-ply knotless thicker and tear-resistant netting, designed to improve your swing in all levels, without breaking down. The frame itself is made of a 13mm flexible fiberglass pole that allows for one-of-a-kind flexibility, without compromising strength. With a 2-minute setup time, a convenient carry bag, and a world-class customer support team. This stands as one of the more reliable options, for a ridiculously good price.

5. SKLZ Golf Hanging Net for Driving Practice (Best Golf Net for Garage)

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Rounding out our top 5 best golf nets for backyard use is the SKLZ Golf Hanging Net which is specifically built to practice your drive, as it is built with additional support to allow for even the hardest of hits. It covers a large surface area with a 7’ wide net, and a simplistic yet durable fiberglass bottom pole which reduces kickback, and collects the balls as you practice. It also provides us with one of the easier setups in the market, and can roll up easily so that you can even hang it up on the garage door. The SKLZ is another very affordable option that illustrates one of the best nets for backyards, but the absolute #1 choice for those looking to install the net in a garage.

6. Izzo Golf Catch-All Net

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The Izzo Golf Catch-All Net is designed to safely return golf balls to the bottom of the netting in the catch basin and is capable of handling ball speeds up to 150 MPH. It is also one of the few designs available that comes in 3 sizes: 12’ x 10’, 10’ x 8’, and 8’ x 7’, and features tremendously sturdy fiberglass poles for additional support. The Izzo carries immense value as it is an extremely easy setup, and comes with a stylish bag for quick, and easy packing, and portability. It falls right in the middle of the pack price wise, but provides us with 3 unique sizes, and a versatile inside/outside usability.

7. Amazon Basics Portable Driving Practice Golf Net

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Amazon provides us with yet another amazing option with their Portable Driving Practice Golf Net made with all golf enthusiasts in mind. It comes in two sizes depending on your preference (7’x7’ and 8’x8’), and is an extremely durable yet lightweight design made of metal and fiberglass, and 100% polyester nets. It’s a splendidly simple golf net to install that carries nothing but tremendous reviews. You will also have peace of mind knowing that you’re buying from a company that carries world-class customer support (Amazon). God-forbid you need to deal with a return, exchange, or refund, you have a full support team that’s able to help.

8. IPOW Golf Practice Net

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IPOW Golf Practice Net provides the 8th greatest value of golf nets for your backyard as yet another spectacularly durable design, for a reasonable price. All golf training nets for IPOW are made with a super-strong 210D encrypted Oxford cloth, 170g/yard polyester mesh, and 11mm fiber poles (designed to handle severe weather, and heavy use).  It also comes with 4 ground stakes to make it able to withstand high winds, so it can be used both indoors as well as outdoors. You are also provided with a durable handbag for quick and easy storage and portability. The IPOW Golf Practice Net is versatile as well as it is meant to accommodate both kids and adults alike, and carries some of the best reviews on the market.

9. Club Champ Indoor / Outdoor Multi-Sport Easy Net (Best Kids Golf Net)

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The Club Champ Multi-Sport net is another spectacular choice as a simplistic yet durable and inexpensive design, built for anyone from amateurs to experienced players. This multi-sport utility net is amazing for any type of outdoor sport, and so it illustrates one of the best multifunctional nets on the market. It is also a large design with a 7’ high by 9’ wide build that is supported by a flexible aluminum and fiberglass frame with stock-corded strength. It is recommended to bury 6-8” below the dirt to provide for the best support, and is stable enough to stop the hardest shots. The Club Champ Multi-Sport Net is a wonderful option for any golf connoisseurs as it is one of the more affordable, and durable designs available, and is our #1 most recommended golf net for kids because of its lighter-weight design.

10. EAHKGmh Golf Net Hitting Cage

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Capping off our top 10 best golf nets for backyards is the EAHKGmh Golf Net Hitting Cage, as it offers up another premium option providing the ultimate toughness, versatility, and convenience. The golf practice net is made with high-toughness polyethylene material, which is resistant to abrasion, tearing and easy to assemble. It is also a portable design, built to store and carry easily offering up superior convenience. The versatility of this design is also not to be questioned either as there are no space requirements, and so they can be used in offices, schools, homes, or even backyards. This elite option is built for top tier training, however it also comes at a top tier price (one of the more expensive items on the list).

Golf Hitting Mat

When it comes to accessories, one of the most important things you can do to improve your game is adding a golf hitting mat to the equation.

You can choose between a full-size professional hitting mat like the DURA-PRO Commercial Golf Mat or the smaller option wosofe Golf Mat best for chipping.

DURA-PRO Commercial Golf Mat

The DURA-PRO commercial Golf Mat is a 5 x 5 octagon-shaped turf which is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, for everyone from beginners to experts. It comes with a portable turf and rubber mat that is widely used across North America, and considered to be one of the premium options in this department. It is made with 100% nylon 3D turf fibers, and is 30% denser than ordinary residential golf practice mats. It is built to absorb club shock, making it easier on the golfers wrists, and elbows compared to other brands. It is thermally bonded, and has an all-weather resistant, and 8-year UV protection from the sun. This tremendous product has garnered world-class reviews, and is widely used amongst amateurs and professionals alike.

Wosofe Golf Mat

The wosofe Golf Mat is another spectacular option as it comes with 3 different turfs so that you can practice strokes on smooth, rough, and even putting greens to enhance every facet of your game. For a crazy low price, you can get this 3-1 practice mat that is made with extra thick rubber base so it won’t move or slide out of place when you’re practicing. It’s also a very small product, making the storage, and portability of the item top-tier.

Standing Golf Hitting Mat

Rukket Standing Golf Hitting Grass Mat

The Rukket Standing Golf Hitting Grass Mat is the perfect mat to practice your swing, as it provides you with a level surface that is made to accommodate all golf stances and swings. It also will fit into all existing Rukket Turf Mats to allow for extended practice sessions.  The Rukket Standing Golf Hitting Grass Mat is the top choice amongst standing golf mats and is currently available at a very fair price.

Practice Golf Balls

Another vital accessory you will need is to invest in real or fake golf balls for practice. The following are the best options in this department.

Callaway HX Practice Golf Balls

The Callaway HX Practice Golf Balls are specifically designed to advance any golfer In their overall game. It is a durable, yet soft-flite golf ball that is available in a 9-pack (orange, green, or pink) and an 18-pack (orange and green only), and comes equipped with a mesh carry bag. It perfectly simulates actual ball flight at scaled-down, controlled distances.

KOFULL Practice Foam Golf Balls

The KOFULL Practice Foam Golf Balls are another extremely popular item that come in a variety of colours (orange, red, blue, and pink), allowing for premium visibility. The golf balls are all made with a compressed foam material that offers surprisingly good strength, and sturdiness. This way it won’t cause any damage to your club, the windows, or the walls of your home if you happen to swing them by your golf net. They are also designed to float but are limited when it comes to flight, and distance of the ball traveled. Each set comes with 24 foam practice balls and is the least expensive of the provided options.

Callaway Golf Chip-Shot Chipping Net

Another worthwhile consideration is adding a chipping net into your setup, as it can help to improve those tricky chip-shots that plague all golfers. The Callaway Golf Chip-Shot Chipping Net is for anyone in need to take their chippers to the next level, as it is a 25” x 25” design that comes with 3 built-in targets, and collapses with ease into a compact storage unit. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, and comes with an ultra-light yet durable frame for use anywhere from in the office, to in the backyard.

Final Thoughts

All in all, there are without a doubt a ridiculous number of top-tier options out there, however trying to decide which is right for you can be tough.

Just keep in mind that you want to buy something that is not only enjoyable, and stylish, but you want to buy something that is going to last.

Take into account the amount of time you will be spending practicing, the types of clubs/practice balls you will be using, and the materials used to manufacture the product.

These will all play massive roles in determining how long the product is going to last, however so long as you are careful about what you buy, and are aware of what you need, you should be just fine!

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