10 Best Fruit Picker Tools in 2023

As a budding gardener, you may wonder, when it comes to harvesting, what would be the best fruit-picking tool? Or tools, if you intend to buy more than one, you may have a few fruit varieties in your garden. This article will walk you through fruit picking in the modern day before exploring some of the best fruit-picking tools on the market. So, first of all, what is fruit picking?

Fruit picking is simply removing fruit ready to be eaten from the tree, bush, shrub, or vine you are currently caring for. Or, potentially, you’ve suddenly found you have to care for a fruit tree that is bearing fruit. Regardless, fruit picking tends to be easier when you do the task with a picking tool than with your hands.

Fruit picking is typically done early in the morning when the sun is at its lowest. Even if you usually raise later in the day, you will not regret picking fruit earlier. If you have lots of fruit to harvest, we recommend getting a good night’s sleep beforehand. Simply put, fruit picking is physically laborious work.

Giving yourself lots of time to complete the task could be the best call, especially if you’re a beginner. If you have a large orchard, most certainly set aside time to complete the fruit picking. In fruit picking employment, employees are typically paid by the weight of the completed bucket of fruit.

What is a Fruit Picker Tool?

There is no one fruit picker tool. The term fruit picker tool refers to a collection of utensils that make harvesting fruits easier. As will be shown, there are many fruit-picking tools to choose from. In addition, some fruit-picking tools have extendable handles, and others work in a racking movement. It will be up to you to decide which of the fruit-picking tools on the upcoming list best matches your purpose but consider the following features when deciding which picker to choose.

What to Consider When Buying a Fruit Picker Tool?

Adjustable Length

How tall is the tree or shrub you’re hoping to harvest? The height of your trees will guide you regarding the length of the fruit picker you need. If you have taller trees, you should opt for a fruit picker with an extendable handle. In comparison, those with shorter trees may not feel as inclined to worry about the length of the fruit picket. If you have or intend to use a ladder, then the adjustable length may be less of an issue.

The Weight

The fruit picker is carried mainly above the head, so the weight of the utensil should be considered before purchase. Aim to pick a fruit picker that is weight appropriate. If you find you cannot lift the fruit picker with ease, it may not be best suited for your fruit-picking needs. Do remember you’re also likely to become fatigued during the fruit picking if you are unfamiliar. Each fruit picker on the list will guide you on its importance in aiding your purchasing decision-making.


You will also have to consider how the weather will be on the days of your fruit picking. Some pickers come with attached cushions which will not be helpful if it begins to rain when you happen to be picking fruit.

Therefore, choosing a weatherproof fruit picker can be ideal, especially in terrains where the weather is unpredictable. If you live in such a local, it may be better to opt for a stainless-steel fruit picker. Stainless steel fruit pickers can be used in any weather and maybe a better option than the cushioned bottom variety.

What Fruit You Are Picking

The type of fruit you’re picking will also play a significant role in deciding which fruit picker would be your best option. As this list will show, there are a few specialist selectors, such as ones that are specialized for berries. So now you know what features to look out for, we will explore the ten best fruit picker tools on the market.

10 Best Fruit Picker Tools

1. Eversprout 12-Foot Fruit Picker EVERSPROUT 12-Foot Fruit Picker (20+ Foot Reach) | Telescoping Fruit Picker Pole, Easy to Attach Twist-On Apple Basket | Lightweight, High-Grade Aluminum Extension Pole with Fruit Picker Basket

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The Eversprout 12-Foot Fruit picker is an excellent option for those who have small to medium-sized trees. The push-on head basket comes with a cushion to prevent fruit from bruising once picked from the tree. Arriving preassembled, this is one of the best fruit pickers for those lacking experience with a picker, once experienced with the picker, you’ll be better equipped at picking in the future.

The Eversproud 12-Foot fruit picker is one of the most popular products for those with a more petite frame. The lightweight frame makes it ideal for all to use.

You can buy a similar model at Home Depot called the True Temper Aluminum Telescoping Fruit Picker if that is your preferable location of online shopping. 

2. Zenport Long Reach Telescopic Fruit Harvester and Picker Zenport ZL6146B Long Reach Telescopic Fruit Harvester and Picker, 10-Feet Extension, Gray

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The second fruit picker on the list is the Zenport Long Reach Telescopic Fruit Harvester and Picker. Unlike the first option, the Zenport Long Reach Telescopic Fruit Harvester can extend up to 10 feet but unlike the first option is unlikely to be a viable option for picking multiple fruits at once.

In addition, the Zenport Long Reach Telescopic Fruit Harvester and Picker comes with rubber pickers that ensure your fruit is not bruised when picked from the tree. This fruit picker also comes complete with a lock ensuring once you’ve picked your fruit, you don’t end up dropping it.

3. Fiskars Extendable Fruit Picker Fiskars 340160-1001 Extendable Fruit Picker, Orange/Black

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Another extendable option, the Fiskars Extendable Fruit Picker, is an excellent option for those who may not have too much to harvest at any given time. The extendable self-locking  The Fibercomp attached to the head of the fruit picker softly detaches ripe fruit from the tree without any bruising.

A lightweight fiber pole is an excellent option for those seeking a fruit picker that is not too heavy; however, this may not be the best option for large haul picking. The mesh capture point on this fruit picker can only carry light weights and would rip if too much fruit was picked.

4. Alterra Aluminum Handle Fruit Picker

Alterra Tools Picker Detachable Aluminum Handle-Adjustable Head for Collecting Apples, Oranges, and Other Fruit, Black, Red

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The Alterra Aluminum Handle Fruit Picker, as the name suggests, is made of Aluminum allowing this fruit picker to be efficiently used in all weather conditions. In addition, the fruit-picking head is adjustable across a 180-degree angle, allowing you to change the position to allow for easy fruit picking.

While this is not an extendable pole like the other kinds on this list, it is detachable in three sections meaning you can assemble the picker to the best height. A lightweight fruit picker, this is a good option for those who may need a lighter option.

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5. LFSEMINI Berry Picker LFSEMINI Berry Picker, Berry Pickers and Rakes with Metallic Comb and Ergonomic Handle for Easier Berry Picking, Blueberry Rake Scoop for Blueberries, Lingonberries and Huckleberries

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The LFSEMINI Berry Picker is a specialized fruit-picking tool specifically to be used on berries. The combs on this fruit picker work by racking to remove berries from the tree. The berries are then collected at the bottom of the picker. The only problem is maybe if you have a mature berry bush.

The Berry picker may not be able to access berries at the top of the bush, especially if you do not have a ladder, as unlike the other options on this list, it does not come with an extender.

6. Gardena 3108 Combi System Fruit Collector Gardena 3108 Combi System Fruit Collector

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No harvest is ever complete without some fruit falling to the ground before being harvested. If you did manage to collect all the fruit before it hit the ground, you would be a gardening wizard!

The Gardena 3108 Combi System Fruit Collector is an excellent tool for picking up fallen fruits on the floor. Quick and easy, the head attached gathers fruit from the ground as you roll it in a fashion in which you would use a hoover.

7. TIHOOD 2PCS Fruit Picker Head Basket TIHOOD 2PCS Fruit Picker Head Basket with 1 Pair Garden Gloves/Fruit Picking Tools, Fruits Catcher for Harvest Picking Apple Citrus Pear Peach, etc (2 xFruits Picking Tool & 1 Pair Gloves)

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A much smaller option than the other fruit pickers on this list, the TIHOOD 2PCS Fruit Picker Head Basket is an excellent option for those with smaller fruit trees. Fitting perfectly into the palm of your hand, the TIHOOD 2PCS Fruit Picker Head Basket comes with a small mesh capture and metal teeth that help remove the fruit from the tree. Just be careful not to damage your branches with the teeth.

8. MOCOHANA Fruit Picker Head Harvest Basket MOCOHANA Fruit Picker Head Harvest Basket Large Elastic Bag Fruit Picking Tools with 2 V-Shaped Blades Fruits Catcher for Getting Apple Oranges Citrus Pear Peach Branch Hook (Pole not Included)

The MOCOHANA Fruit Picker Head Harvest Basket is another hand-held fruit picker, but this one is extendable. On arrival, you must assemble the fruit picker tool with a rounded head basket. The basket  This fruit picker would work well-picking apples, pears, nectarines, or similar fruits from a small tree.

However, it should be noted that the primary attachment for this fruit picker is not that large, so if you have many trees, this is potentially not the best option for you.

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9. A+ Berry Comb Berry Picker A+ Berry Comb Berry Picker Wooden 248006

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The A+ Berry Comb Berry Picker is a specialist fruit picker most frequently used, as the name suggests, for picking berries and works in a raking motion. For those conscious of plastics, this fruit-picking tool is wood and metal. You would work in an upwards motion with the rake, and the berries would accumulate at the bottom.

10. HANZIUP Fruit Picker Basket Head HANZIUP (Upgraded) Fruit Picker Basket Head, Labor Saving Tool Fruits Catcher for Harvest Picking Apple Mango Pear Peach Mango Kiwi Lemon Cherry

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Last but certainly not least, we have the HANZIUP Fruit Picker Basket Head. This fruit picker is a good option for those seeking to harvest only a few fruits at once. Another lightweight option, this is excellent for those who may be seeking a lighter-weight fruit-picking tool. It should be considered that you would need to buy a ride if you wanted this product as the product is not sold assembled.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this list has been helpful to you. With a large tree with lots to harvest, you may find that the Eversprout 12-Foot Fruit Picker is the best option. It is most certainly the most beginner friendly of all. On the other hand, if you have a berry bush, you may find that a berry picker is best suited to harvesting. Be sure to consider expandability, the height of your tree and the material which is likely best suited to the task.

Regardless of your choice, let us know which fruit picker is most helpful in the comment section. We can all benefit from each other’s personal experiences.

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